My Recycling Adventure in Paris

The Almost Neverending Recycling story


This is the B-side to my previous story about eating vegan food in Paris.


As we had been staying in the flat and cooking, we had accumulated quite a bit of recyclable waste. I thought I’d simply and swiftly dispose of it after leaving the flat myself. NOPE.

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Camping Without A Trace

Today is Tuesday, but for many it’s like a fast-forwarding Monday, as August’s Bank Holiday weekend ended last night.

I spent mine at Reading’s music festival 🙂

Last time I went to a festival was 5 years ago at the Leeds equivalent, so another live music-filled weekend was due – especially as my mate D had been suggesting it for years!

We saw more than 30 live acts, and the absolute best were Enter Shikari. They interact with the audience like no one else! I highly recommend watching their show on BBC iPlayer. 🙂

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Teapigs, Raw Nibbles and Topics for 2014

Hey everyone, a very Happy New Year to you!

I didn’t have much time off at Christmas but this time next week I will be in Italy seeing my mum, sister, nephew and friends for a week, I can’t complain! I will experiment eating vegan food in Italy, interesting!

How was Christmas for you?

In case you still have some Christmas cards around and you’d like to give them a new life, you could simply recycle them (many supermarkets have big bins especially for this) or even cut them into tags for next year – no waste needed 🙂

Christmas Tags Needn't Be Wasted

Christmas cards needn’t be wasted, turn them into tags for presents!

I haven’t really thought of any particular “resolution” this year, but I just want to make sure I am productive with things I care about, such as this blog 🙂

I tried to start off well this weekend: today I made vegetable stone soup stock with vegetable bits and bobs I had stored in the freezer, I made peanut butter and cinnamon granola inspired by Jack Monroe’s version and an organic vegan bean chilli. Oh and I made a body scrub too (I simply added sugar and almond oil to a jar – voilà!

Regarding the blog, I would like to talk more about tea, it is “Green Trail&Teapot Tales” after all! I just love tea so much 😀

The other day I tasted a delicious tea – teapigs jasmine pearls tea.

Teapigs jasmine Pearls

Teapigs jasmine Pearls


Have you heard of this brand? I love the teapigs website as you can select a funny face according to what sort of mood you are in, how you’re feeling… and they will recommend the best tea for you! Feeling grumpy? Chocolate flake tea may make you feel better! A very cute idea 🙂

Their tea comes in really posh biodegradable bags that they call “temples” and the jasmine pearls Fujian province tea is amazingly fragrant, I think it would go particularly well with an oriental feast.

I know it may sound like I am advertising them, but actually I just wanted to share my discovery as it seems like a really good modern brand and their green credentials are good too.  Their temples feel like silk but they are actually made of corn starch, their packaging is made from sustainable sources and is recyclable and more…

As part of my good intentions to eat more sustainable, whole food I have been enjoying Raw Nibbles brownies, from the raw vegan treats company I wrote about in my previous post that my mum got me a voucher for.

These are raw and certainly taste less cakey than ordinary cooked brownies with flour, but they are filling and delectably butter thanks to the cacao butter. YUMMMMMMY.

Raw Nibbles Brownie

Raw Nibbles Brownie

If by any chance you do have new year’s resolutions and they include being healthier maybe you’d like to try some Raw Nibbles goodies!

Take the brownie for example: it’s made with dates, cacao butter, almonds, cacao powder, agave nectar, hazelnuts, coconut sugar and vanilla oil. Nothing else! No additives, chemicals, E numbers, fats, preservatives…just lovely goodness 🙂

Most of these ingredients are organic and all great quality, so you’re having a sustainable, tasty, nutritional treat! And supporting a small producer too.    😀

More Raw Nibbles Goodies

More Raw Nibbles Goodies

And I have more to enjoy 😀


Yesterday I found out about this article via Twitter: Sustainable living: What should we write about in 2014?

You can write back to the Guardian and say what you’d like to see. So as the article says, what are you most interested in: articles regarding the usual issues such as pollution and eating less meat or more about human behaviour and its effects?

I though it was pretty cool for them to ask us what we think they should write about, I haven’t seen than anywhere else before.

Have a great week!


Do you have any projects and plans for this year?

Have you come across any interesting brands or companies lately?

D.I.Y. Upcycling

Upcycling is converting waste materials or useless things into something new and better than what they were before.

It’s extremely sustainable to upcycle as it skips the energy needs and efforts required to recycle and of course it still keeps materials away from landfill by giving them a new life.

I just love the fact that with a little imagination you can turn something unwanted and discarded into a unique masterpiece.

Just think of the very basic properties of things around you: jars can hold jam just as they can hold buttons or paper clips, a piece of material can cover something or cat be sewn into something else, cut up…

I’m really not that good at building things or arts and crafts but I managed to upcycle 2 things recently:

Lime pickle Jar

Up to a few weeks ago I kept my cotton wool in the plastic bag it comes in from the shop, hanging in the bathroom. Not a great sight. So I was wondering how I could keep some cotton wool in the bathroom without that plastic eyesore.

I love lime pickle and the Sharwood’s brand one comes in a really lovely shaped jar. I decided to wash it and reuse it.

I had some old nail varnish that had gone a bit gloopy and was no longer suitable for painting my nails so I painted the jar’s lid with it. Here is the result!

Upcycling a lime pickle jar into a cotton wool holder

Definitely nicer than a plastic bag! It’s very simple and I like it 🙂

The second object I upcycled was my electronic dictionary box. When I bought it in China I thought this sturdy box would be great to reuse, I therefore shipped it back to the U.K. together with other China goodies and, after 3 years, I finally carried out my plan and covered it with some really beautiful thick wrapping paper.

Box and wrapping paper

The wrapping paper came from a birthday present my boyfriend gave me so that too was upcycled.

Upcycled colourful box

Now I just need to think what to put in it.

Cheese grater? Pencil holder!

Isn’t this a cool idea? This picture comes from a very interesting article on the innovation diaries about how upcycling is actually better than recycling.

Interesting sites:

Upcycle magazine


The Guardian fashion from cast offs

Do you upcycle? Do you have any upcycling suggestions or idea?