Unmissable Tips: 3rd Instalment

I like how some things in life just go together: saving energy saves you money and produces less pollution and damage to the environment, disposing of things sensibly encourages recycling or upcycling or can make you money…I love these win-win situations, they positively make sense. 🙂

After my Waste Not Want Not and my Energy and Money Saving Tips  posts I have gathered many more unmissable tips, especially from my beloved Friends of the Earth newsletter:

  • At this time of the year, Car Boot sales are starting up again after the Winter break: give your unwanted items a new life and get yourself some great bargains, find your nearest one on the Car Boot Junction website – whenever I’ve been to a car boot sale I’ve always seen tons of children’s toys in great condition and also really cool home accessories and objects;

Great jar: 25p at a car boot sale


  • If you need to freshen up and remove odours from carpets or rugs without using chemical-filled products, sprinkle with bicarbonate of soda, leave for a couple of hours or overnight and then vacuum;


  • Recycle your bra: 29% of British women wear the wrong bra size, so if you own any wrong size bras join the Big Bra Hunt like celebrities such as Helen Mirren and donate them to Oxfam and help women in Senegal earn a living to support their families.
  • 1.5 million tonnes of unwanted clothing and textiles end up in landfill each year in the UK, or 30 kilos of waste per person. Have a clear out this weekend, and donate clothes you no longer wear to your local charity shop or sell them on ebay!



  • On a team night out I was appointed the honourable title of “Queen of Ambiance” of the office. If my title maintains any of its drunken-night power then I will definitely set forth several ideas to green the workplace, from cutting waste, to recycling, only printing what’s really necessary, using less energy and turning computers and monitors off, saving water and more! You could even save your company some money so it’s well worth trying;


  • If you have a baby or know someone who has a bundle of joy, try out real nappies! Real cloth nappies can not only reduce waste but save you hundred of £$€! Have a look at the Real Nappy Information Service for more info on their comfort, econess, easy use and super funky designs 🙂 my Nan always says it was a great source of pride to hang lovely clean cloth nappies on the washing line…

Real Cloth Nappies – Picture from Ebay


  • Replace leaky taps and save litres of water each day, if installing new taps, consider using spray head taps which can save up to an amazing 80% water;
  • Have a look at the DIY guide for green tips for your home, there is so much interesting info!!
  • Recycle your paint: Community RePaint is a UK network for reusing paint and redistributing it to those who cannot afford it;


  • Shop from a list: reduce food waste and save money by planning your meals and writing a shopping list. It will help you avoid impulse-buys of food that will otherwise go to waste.
  • When you use lemons for any recipes, such as my lemony halloumi pasta, use any remaining lemon juice for any of the 40 lemon tips or to clean your chopping board by rubbing the lemon pulp on it and leaving it overnight-
  • Rub the lemon onto your chopping board to clean it

    -you can even add a little salt for a real scrub effect, and then rinse with warm water.


  • Use up your beauty products in a tube to the last drop by cutting them up:

Apparently empty face wash tube

Cut the tube in half to be able to scoop out all the remaining product (you’ll be surprised by how much there is left!)

Cut the tube in half

Re-seal for future use

Re-seal the tube to use it up gradually

By re-sealing in onto itself you make sure the product doesn’t dry up and you can use it up gradually until there actually isn’t any left and avoid wasting it.

What are your favourite energy and money-saving habits?


Energy and Money-Saving Tips

Spring has arrived and I just can’t wait to go somewhere for some sort of break or holiday.

The thing is, in order to be able to afford my weekend getaway or my week-long adventure I need to save money.

The idea of  saving money is simple but not always easy, so I shared with you some money (and energy) saving tips in my Waste Not Want Not post, but as I have more tips, many of which come from my lovely Friends of the Earth Newsletter, here is another post I hope you will find useful!

Saving Energy = Saving Money = Holiday ❤

  • Cleaning tips
  • Got an annoying oil stain to get rid of? Rub chalk on the affected area before washing, it should get rid of the stain without the need to use chemical stain removers or petrol;
  • Fancy giving your abode a Spring face-lift? Make your own cheap but efficient All-Purpose  Cleaner to clean your fridge, sides, tiles, microwave by mixing 4 tablespoons of baking soda and 2 pints of water, wiping surfaces with a soft cloth. For more natural cleaning ideas, take a look at the green cleaning goodies from the F.O.E. shop or look for the Green Cleaning for Dummies book;
  • Lemons are extremely versatile and useful for your laundry, cleaning, health&beauty, food&drinks…read how to get rid of spots, grease, rust and make lemonade with 40 Handy Lemon Tips;


  • Reusing tips
  • Use re-usable cotton cloths or even cut up old towels or T-Shirts rather than using disposable kitchen paper, I do this and haven’t bought kitchen paper over a year!
  • Instead of  buying new things, check Streetbank  for items that your could borrow from others such as tools or tents;

Energy and money-saving tips

  • To save energy and money on your electricity bill, defrost your freezer: when the cooling elements are covered with ice they have to work harder to keep the inside of the freezer cold, so defrost to save money;
  • Unplug things when you are not using them, as most electrical items use nearly as much electricity when they’re on standby as when they are on;
  • Save more electricity by washing your lightly soiled clothes at low temperatures as most detergents work well with cooler washes;
  • Buy fruit and veg in season;
  • Use pressure cookers, they speed up cooking and use a lot less energy;
  • Make your own body scrub by mixing oil with ground sea salt and brown sugar;

Money and Energy-Saving Inspiration Photo

Do you find these tips useful? Are there any you would like to try?

Waste Not Want Not – Save Money and Be Sustainable

I have just watched “Super Scrimpers” on Channel 4 and their money-saving tips were both hilarious and amazing!

Trying to change your habits to save energy can be quite annoying for some, and “I don’t have time”, “I don’t really care”, “How would that small change make a difference?” are all (at least partly) understandable objections.

But most energy-saving habits also save you money!

Saving Money = Having more to spend on Organic Chocolate ❤

The best tips I got from the programme were:

  • Stop paying full prices for things: use Freecycle, eBay and myvouchercodes.co.uk. Keep things away from landfill, what you need or want is out there and you can get it for a fraction of its price while keeping it away from landfill!
  • Make food from scratch rather than buying ready-made branded food (which often has a lot of unnecessary additives too);
  • Go charity shopping, you’ll save money, re-use something, support a charity…totally guilt-free!
  • Share your ride to work, to town… that will save you money and save you using your car when someone else is going your way!
  • Bulk buy and freeze what you don’t need: if you buy things in bulk make sure you don’t waste anything. With food you can do this by freezing what you don’t need straight away. If you want a slice of lime with your drink, chop the rest, freeze and use it next time!
  • Natural remedies are cheaper and better for the environment: -Make woodwork gleam by mixing 2 parts of vegetable to 1 of lemon juice to make a natural polish that will give a natural lustre and refreshing scent to wooden furniture;
  • Clean your loo by pouring value Coca Cola down it and leaving overnight (probably not as toxic as toilet cleaner, I must try it!);
  • When you do your washing up, add 2tbsp white vinegar in the water to cut through the grease;
  • For a cheap holiday, pollute less and save money! Avoid getting the plane and swap your home with someone else’s for a cheap, more local staycation.

Do you have any environment + money-saving tips to share?