Staple Links

Here are a few useful and interactive links which I often refer to.


Why do I eat vegan food?

The production of animal products requires vast amounts of resources (crops to feed them, freshwater, fertilisers), produces carbon emissions contributing to climate change and is simply not sustainable.

In addition,  mass-production of animal products cannot be separated from animal cruelty and exploitation which is unjust and unnecessary.

I am very happy to use animal-free, delicious vegan food as fuel.

Have a look at this article for more detailed information: UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet.


Search the Web, Plant Trees

If you are reading this, chances are you are a frequent internet user.
Search the web with Ecosia → search ads generate income for Ecosia → Ecosia uses this to plant trees!


Reducing Footprints

Carbon footprint, water footprint…how big are they and what can you do to reduce yours?

WWF Carbon Footprint Calculator: answer a few question and calculate your carbon footprint and how many Earths would be needed to sustain your lifestyle.
Fear not, it comes with useful tips on how to reduce your emissions at the end.

Water Footprint Calculator: everything we do has a water cost, but water is a precious resource we should not waste.
Calculate your water footprint and find out how to use less.


Defeat Food Waste

Love Health Hate Waste: In order to stop health foods and supplements unnecessarily going to waste, they purchase Best Before expired goods from some of the biggest distributors and health brands in the UK (who would otherwise throw these away), and offer them for up to 90% less than their standard sales price.

OLIO: join the Food Sharing Revolution! Free app to share food and non-food items in your ‘hood.

Save the Food: When we waste food, we waste everything: water,labour, fuel, money, love. Find facts about how much we waste when we throw food away and tips on how to store food properly, the meaning of sell-by dates and more.

Still Tasty: the ultimate shelf life guide. This website helps you find out how to best store food and whether it is still safe to eat or unsafe.
By storing things properly they can last a lot longer and you can waste less food and money.


Acquire / Use Something for Free

Preloved:  where people give things away for free / low price

Freecycle: “grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It’s all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills.” GREAT.


Where can I dispose of…?

Recycle Now: select the items you want to dispose of / recycle, add your post code and find your nearest recycling centres. Including aerosols, clothing, electrical items, furniture, medicines.


Zero Waste

Trash is for Tossers: this is for who wants to commit to a wonderfully waste-free life. For me: in progress. Lauren’s tips are great and just think of all the shocking waste and pollution you are no longer going to create! 🙂