OLIO – the app that helps avoid food waste

So much food, which takes so much energy, work and care to be made, gets wasted every single day…bag loads of edible food are discarded merely yards away from people who cannot even afford to buy it. It breaks my heart.
It’s a symptom of a failed food system, and even though it may be the norm in the Global North it does not mean it’s right.

This video says it all: The Extraordinary Life and Times of a Strawberry. It’s under 2 minutes and well worth a watch.

The good news is, we can all do something to prevent this is awful waste.
During class, one day, someone mentioned there was an app which helps reduce food waste by connecting people who have surplus / unwanted / unnecessary food to others who want or need it.

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The results are in and I wish it were all a joke

I woke up this morning and checked my phone around 6am: Britain votes for Brexit, the headline stated.

I actually said out loud: “are you kidding me?” My bedding was too speechless to answer.

The feeling of sickness immediately pervaded my body.

It is now the afternoon and it’s still there.

It is a sensation of unease, discomfort and desperation, similar to…

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My Recycling Adventure in Paris

The Almost Neverending Recycling story


This is the B-side to my previous story about eating vegan food in Paris.


As we had been staying in the flat and cooking, we had accumulated quite a bit of recyclable waste. I thought I’d simply and swiftly dispose of it after leaving the flat myself. NOPE.

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Vegan Food on a budget in Paris

Last week I had the mixed pleasure of visiting the (flooded) French capital for what I think was the 4th time, but the 1st as a relatively grown-up. My mind has changed a lot in the past few months, even more so in the past few years, so it was really enjoyable to go and notice, appreciate and seek different aspects of life there.

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EU and the UK Environment: thoughts on Brexit

Thanks to and after a dear friend’s recommendation, I went to a talk organised by Friends of the Earth and Environmentalists for Europe: What has the EU done for the UK environment?

I have been thinking about Brexit but, but up until the talk, I had not done any personal research to properly understand the potential implications of the UK leaving the EU.  So while this talk was obviously biased by taking an environmental point of view, categorised with #GreenerIn, it still had very interesting discussions and contrasting points were covered.

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Vegan-Friendly Brighton and VegFest Excitement

Some people get excited for Xmas. I get excited for Vegfest.
And it’s coming up, at the end of this month, in Brighton! 🙂

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2015 Snippets

2015 was a very exciting year, even more so thinking about it in self-inflicted meditative retrospective mode.


At the start of it I thought it would be a good personal goal to visit somewhere new every month of the year.

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