About Me

Hello, thank you for having a look at my blog.

My name is Sophie [Elise].

I started this blog back in February 2012 and since then it has evolved.

At first it was a platform where I wanted to share thoughts and tips on how easy it is to try new things, have fun and save money by making the most of living in a more eco-friendly, greener way.

Environmental sustainability transitioned from being an interest to a passion during and after spending my 3rd university year abroad in China, studying Chinese and teaching English.
At this eventful time my consciousness of the world and our lives’ effects on planet Earth grew.

Back in March 2015 I went to a conference on Global Food Sustainability. It was then that I knew I had to, somehow, get more directly involved with sustainability.
I thought hard, searched and found a course. After the Summer I had the chance to start the Environment and Sustainable Development MSc at UCL.

During our first term my mind was stirred with all sorts of revolutionary thoughts and facts.
As part of that, I have found myself thinking, “Why, how can people not care?”
But while environmental issues are crucial, concerning the planet where we live and our future, they do not get the coverage they need, while a system driven by economics constantly teaches us to be the “best” consumers we can be.

Top-bottom approaches may be the most efficient in changing detrimental effects of our fast-paced lives which prioritise convenience, but take more time than the what we can afford. But within a system based on supply and demand, we all have the opportunity to pick up good habits, raise awareness and make positive choices every single day.

I hope to be able to create a bridge between our everyday actions and the effects these have on the Earth.


I want to know:

Where do the things we use / consume every day come from?

What is their production’s impact on the environment and, consequently, us?

What can we do to lead more sustainable and less planet-depleating lives and enjoy doing so?


In my blog you will find:

Cruelty-free vegan recipes that don’t cost the Earth and have a lower water and carbon footprint while being healthier and compassionate

My experience in living creating zero waste (or almost) – that is, reduce the amount ot rubbish I produce to a minimum.

How pretty much everything can be done respecting our planet.

+ what we can do:

from armchair activism with the click of a button, to getting more information on current events and legislation that concern the environment and what we can do about them.


Links to articles and petitions you can sign can be found on billow’s Facebook page.

Thank you!


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