Vegan-Friendly Brighton and VegFest Excitement

Some people get excited for Xmas. I get excited for Vegfest.
And it’s coming up, at the end of this month, in Brighton! 🙂

On Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of February, a beautiful congregation of animal-free, cruelty-free things will take place again! Tickets are still available. VegFest should give me some for free 😛

Last year was filled with amazing treats, and eye&mind-opening talks, these are some of the ones coming up – have a look at my post to get an idea of what to expect on the goodies front.

Pink Fluffy Buns

Pink Fluffy Buns O_O

VegFest is not the only things I’m excited about, Brighton itself is a very vegetarian&vegan-friendly town, brimmed with lovely indie cafés, restaurants and shops.

It’s also where Caroline Lucas from the Green Party won in the 2015 elections and is the world’s first designated One Planet City, which makes it a particularly good example of a city trying to use fewer resources and cutting carbon emissions, promoting sustainable development and a sustainable economy. The Brighton&Hove website explains sustainability measures in the city, you can see what they’re doing in terms of renewable energy, reducing their carbon emissions and saving water amongst other green initiatives.

I’ve been going to Brighton fairly regularly since I was little.
It’s one of the most obvious, easy seaside destinations to reach from London, -comfortably lying on the pebbles, my cousin getting burnt in the windy sunny Brighton beach days, English Breakfasts or fish&chips lunches are definitely a Summer memory staple- yet every time I go, I discover something new.

We walked around the centre and found a really nice market cluster which not only sold fresh produce, but also vintage objects, art and used books.

Market cluster in Brighton

Market cluster in Brighton


Books? 🙂

We also came across Silo, a lovely place which focuses on serving zero waste, pre-industrial whole food. I hope to visit it next time as it was shut when we found this utter gem.



Silo Menu

Silo Menu

Look at that menu! They use intercepted tomatoes, saved from going to landfill. Everything is sourced from local farmers and even their furniture is made from upcycled or sustainably sourced materials. Can’t wait to have a coffee there, they also don’t charge extra for non-dairy milk ^_^ ❤


Apart from vintage clothing, Brighton is also an ideal destination if you’re looking for non-leather gear…

Brighton Vegetarian Shoe Shop

Brighton Vegetarian Shoe Shop

Vegan Shoes

Vegan DMs 😀



I may not have eaten meat in over 6 years but I know exactly how it tastes and how burgers taste.
Well, I had the best burger ever, of my entire life, at VBites, a vegan café and shop at 14 East Street. It’s just fuc**** ********!!!

Best Burger at Vbites

Best Burger at VBites – (the photo doesn’t do it justice, obvs)

I visited VBites for the first time a few years ago and Brighton has been a synonym of VBites visit ever since.
Yes, it’s that flippin’ great. Even for meat eaters. Trust me. Try it.


English Breakfast at VBites

English Breakfast at VBites

Their vegan English Breakfast is great, but there are more sensible options too, like my mate’s, which you can see in the background… :O


Another place I’d like to visit next time: Infinity Foods.

Infinity Foods - Brighton

Infinity Foods – Brighton

This shop is 100% vegetarian, offering local, organic products, cruelty-free body and home products.


The Little Coffee Company also had many really tempting vegan options, look at all those sarnies and brownies!

An another set of vegan options

An another set of vegan options

Little Coffee Company

Little Coffee Company

They also charge nothing extra for dairy-free milk. I wish it were like that everywhere, or even better, that food prices were adjusted to their environmental impact and carbon emissions…

Coffee equality

Coffee equality

There are so, so many restaurants and cafés filled with vegetarians and vegan options, it just makes it so easy to see how it’s not hard to eat less or no meat. I love it!!


Brighton is also filled with colourful street art!

Brighton Street Art <3

Brighton Street Art

Brighton Street Art

Brighton Street Art

Brighton Street Art

Or, even better: arty cafés

Coffee Art

Helicopter and indoor rain protection

Helicopter and indoor rain protection @ the Marwood

So yes,  I am so excited for VegFest it’s ridiculous!


Have you been to Brighton?

Are you planning on going to VegFest?

Today is my blog’s 4th anniversary – thank you for reading 😀

Leave a comment, I would love to know what you think!

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