22nd April: Earth Day and Asbestos Awareness

Tomorrow, Wednesday 22nd April, is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, an annual event that took place for the first time in 1970. On this day, there are events going on globally to support the protection of the environment.

Yes, ideally I would like to live somewhere that doesn’t need protecting, especially protecting from humans. I am a human: so why would others like me do something to harm the environment we all live in? Well, no need to add much to that…

I’d like to think that Earth Day is known enough for most people to give the whole concept and idea of having a day dedicated to protecting the environment a proper thought. Then again, shouldn’t every day be Earth day?

…What is the Earth going through? What are these changes causing and bringing? What can we do about harmful changes that are going on right now and are giving us, and are going to give future generations, a very hard time?

There are so many things we can do, every little something can be the start of changes that can really make a positive impact on a big scale.

You can pledge to take actions such as eating less meat, reducing energy consumption, using less plastic, buying local produce


On Earth Day’s website you can take action, there are petitions you can sign to raise awareness and educate on environmental topics that concern all of us (though the ones addressing the U.S. Congress are reserved for U.S. zip codes inhabitants).



From the plane


One thing I find with choosing to protect the environment is that usually you can fairly easily get into a virtuous circle: there are many positive, sustainable actions that make each other easier or bring about other benefits, rather than obstacles.

For example, eating less meat is better for the environment, when done right it is also healthier and can be cheaper too. Great!


Recently I have also been trying something new: to really reduce the waste I produce, the rubbish that is made as a result of my actions, habits and lifestyle, in order to pollute less and use fewer resources.
Using less paper and plastic has been the main way for me to try to attain this.

So this makes me think of all the really extra polluting materials and substances used everyday, elements and substances that are far more toxic and dangerous than a tissue, paper napkin or plastic fork or styrofoam cup (yuk)…

My attention was brought to the dangers of asbestos.
I welcome extra awareness so I thought I’d share.

I had heard of asbestos before of course, but only generically and within the context of buildings – especially old buildings – as something “bad”. I didn’t know much more than that.

I found out that asbestos is a mineral!
A dangerous mineral that causes a rare cancer called mesothelioma, as well as asbestosis and lung cancer and guess what? It is still mined and used today which means that its awful effects do not stop when asbestos is found in a home, its carcinogenic features of doom linger around, it’s a harmful health hazard (HHH!) even once it’s been disposed of and gone to landfill, as it’s an airborne toxin.

Where can it be found?
In buildings built prior to 1980 – including homes, schools and offices.

So this a dangerous material that fits in the same category as pesticides and petroleum. Yuk. Unfortunately most of us, maybe all of us, know someone who has or had cancer or someone else who knew someone who had it. I also heard today that by 2030 the number of people who have cancer in the UK is going to increase massively.

In order to dispose of such toxic materials that are so harmful to us and the environment it has to be taken to special landfills and sealed to prevent people from being exposed to it.


Here are more useful links to find out more (and stay as far away as possible):

Asbestos in your home

What is asbestos

Where can asbestos be found?

Asbestos FAQ


To end on a good note, sights like this makes me even more passionate about protecting the planet… Have a great Earth Day!



Had you heard of Earth Day?

Did you know about asbestos, where it can be found and how to dispose of it?

4 thoughts on “22nd April: Earth Day and Asbestos Awareness

  1. I can’t believe we are still mining asbestos! That’s ridiculous! But then, apparently we are notoriously stupid sometimes. In good news though, we have done a good thing recently for both us and the environment 🙂 We finally found a newer car to buy. For financial reasons (that didn’t really stack up in lots of ways :/) we have been driving an older Toyota for the past three or so years, and it has had so many parts replaced during that time that it’s practically new under the hood. However, my husband is about to learn to drive (dedicated public transport user and walker until we moved into the country) and so we will need two cars. The one we have gotten is 11 years younger than our old one, and much more energy efficient, so I am quite thrilled. It’s only a tiny thing, but it is a thing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Trish!
      It’s ridiculous about asbestos, right?

      It’s so cool your husband hasn’t driven ’til now, and I hope your new car doesn’t need too much fuel so it’s more economical as well as polluting less. I have read different articles about how to drive using the least amount of fuel as possible too, I think being aware is the most important thing, just like you do 🙂


  2. every year we celebrate Earth Day , but that does not mean just every year we keep this earth , but every day we must preserve this earth for the benefit of us all …


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