Climate Change March – March 2015

Last Saturday I went to London’s Climate Change march.

I like the idea of strolling down and even sitting on the normally super-busy and car-invaded streets of London to draw attention to an issue I believe needs attention NOW.
Climate change as in human-caused climate change, as analysed on the NASA website (I think it’s a pretty good source), climate change which is causing rising sea levels and extreme weather.

It was a beautiful day and I took pictures of some of the people there on our way from Lincoln’s Inn Fields to Parliament Square.


Crowds gathering - Lincoln's Inn Fields

Crowds gathering – Lincoln’s Inn Fields


There were all sorts of messages at the Climate Change: Time to Act! march:


Capitalism Death


fooditical (yes, that’s definitely a word)…



Wake up call

massive puppets…

Big Puppet

clean energy calls…

The Sun's power is amazing. Let's use it

The Sun’s power is amazing. Let’s use it!


support from creative youngsters…

the home-made banners were the best!

Hot Planet

cuuuute messages…

Make tea not global warming


the physical approach: let’s sit on the Strand for a bit! 😛



some paused in front of Downing Street’s gate…



more banners and music in front of Big Ben instead of queues of traffic… and what a sky!



there were speeches in Parliament Square…did they hear us?



What I liked about the speeches was that the tone was overall positive.

The ones I heard were not about the damaged done to the planet and pessimistic facts, it was all about how we can still make a positive change, right now, for our planet, our home!

I understand that some prioritise profit over endangering the planet, I get it. I don’t agree with it but I know some people are like that. But then I think: so once planet Earth is sizzling, full of rubbish and shit, what is having money going to do? Will it still be worth it then?

Some had banners or wrote messages on behalf of their small children, even unborn babies, asking to please protect our planet: they have not done anything wrong: why should they live on a planet which is under threat and face all these problems?

What can we do to ensure Paris’s December 2015 summit has a clear positive outcome for the planet and for us on it?


Time to Act 2015‘s page has some videos of inspiring speeches that took place on Saturday, have a look!

Let’s use technology to have green energy, reduce carbon emissions and create green and sustainable jobs! 😀


Another day another chance to rescue 😀 (thank you Enter Shikari)

sunset after Climate march


What do you think of the Climate Change march?

What do you think is the best way to make a change and act on climate change?


3 thoughts on “Climate Change March – March 2015

  1. Hey Sophie! 🙂 You’re such a trouper! I did an online survey the other day to put my two cents forward. I also just read Flood by Stephen Baxter, which I found quite an interesting and thought-provoking novel.
    I think it will take governments heavily taxing industry, as well as better public-transport options in lots of places, but also more electric cars that are sustainably electric. I’d drive one. I watched a documentary not long ago on the Velib(?) bike system in Paris. Absolutely brilliant, and I totally think it could take off here too if someone would propose something like that!

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    • Hey Trish!! Thank you!
      I feel positive and think it all helps – just think if millions of people signed petitions against climate change-provoking actions, how could it not make a change?
      I haven’t heard of that book so I’ll have to look it up!
      Yep, I guess it will take firm government legislation to make a different in reality…and other actions such as transport options for sure!
      About the Velib and cycling – I’d love to cycle in London but it’s so dangerous! Changes should be made to make it safe and encourage people to cycle! It was great in Stockholm! I’m going to Amsterdam this week, city of bikes! 😀


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