Vegan Food on a Trip to Gothenburg

This time last week my Canadian friends N and C and I were in Gothenburg, Sweden!

It was a spontaneous trip, booked after N found some really affordable flights to the city and we were there from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon. So I thought it would be nice to add a few lines of my experience being vegan in a new place, in addition to my previous trips to Normandy and Florida.

As we were there for a short time we didn’t have a plan on where to go when, we just visited the town and decided what to do randomly and ate anywhere. If you are vegetarian, vegan or craving a sustainable option you can find the best places to go to on the Happy Cow website. 🙂

Approaching Sweden!

Approaching Sweden!

We had to get up really early (3AM!) and got breakfast at the airport, and by the time we got to Gothenburg’s city centre we were hungry again.

Breakfast and lunch salads

Breakfast and lunch salads

Before leaving I had the superfood salad from Pret A Manger (it seems to be my pre-trip staple!) with tropical green tea, and in Gothenburg N&C fancied Starbucks so I had their Falafel and cous cous salad with some sort of coffee (I never go to Starbucks and it always takes me 4 minutes to choose something to drink) with soy milk, topped with an island of cinnamon. 😛

We walked around the indoor market hall of Saluhallen where there were lovely stalls with beautiful food displayed…

Lovely food at the Market Hall

Lovely food at the Market Hall

…and I got a very crispy flatbread sort of cracker full of seeds, including aromatic fennel seeds, which was vegan.

Crispy bread from the market

Crispy bread from the market

In the afternoon we met up with C’s relative, a lovely and interesting Swedish lady who took us out to an Italian restaurant (we couldn’t find many Swedish restaurants that weren’t fully booked or during serving hours) and I had a lovely pizza made vegan by not adding cheese.

Vegan vegetable pizza

Vegan vegetable pizza

She also took us to a park that had a greenhouse which was like a mini-Kew Gardens building.

Inside the greenhouse

Inside the greenhouse

In the morning, the hostel we were staying at provided breakfast options such as bread and cold meats, yogurt, cereals, and I prepared an unusual one for myself…

Vegan breakfast

Vegan breakfast

…seems like I am developing a habit of having salad and raw vegetables for breakfast 😀

In the afternoon we strolled around the Old Town part of Gothenburg where the street was busy with people selling and buying second-hand objects, it was like a car boot sale but simply in the street.

The Old Town

The Old Town

Later on we hired bikes and cycled along the river docks and around the town, it was great, I hadn’t cycled in years!

It seems like cycling is really popular there and even though it is in London too, and people are encouraged to ride bikes everywhere, I felt like it was better in Gothenburg as there were bicycle routes almost all the way and many other cyclists were riding safely with us.

Have a look at the super-cool infographic on bike sharing I have added below for more info on renting bikes in several European cities.


Cycling along the Göta älv

After our ride we were hungry so we went to our hotel’s restaurant, which unsurprisingly didn’t have a vegetarian option, never mind a vegan one, however the lady who served us spoke perfect English (everyone does in Sweden!) and knew which vegan options I could have.

Chips and salad - the ultimate vegan emergency meal ;)

Chips and salad – the ultimate vegan emergency meal 😉

Chips and salad of course! 😛 Simple but actually really nice.

We didn’t spend a lot of time in Sweden and didn’t manage to go to Stockholm as originally planned but I really enjoyed our trip and hope to visit more of Europe in general. Travelling is so inspiring!

In Sweden, sustainability is an important topic and people are aware of the benefits that buying organic products have on the environment, from food to clothing, such as global retailer H&M’s conscious collections and recycling initiatives. I also saw many wind power plants from the plane, which shows they are committed to produce clean, renewable energy.

I would also love to learn more about the Swedish-style modular super energy-efficient homes.

If you are also interested in learning more about sustainability-related facts happening in Sweden I cannot recommend Janina’s Food (policy) for thought blog enough! 🙂

Have you ever travelled somewhere and hired a bike? I enjoyed it a lot and definitely recommend it! You get to see more, you exercise, you have fun and you do not pollute 🙂

So here is the really useful infographic on bike sharing for London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Nice kindly sent to me from C at Momondo full of interesting info:



Bike Sharing Infographic


Time to explore! 🙂


Do you get inspired when you travel?

Are there any cities or countries you would like to visit for their commitment to sustainability?

10 thoughts on “Vegan Food on a Trip to Gothenburg

  1. Aw, thanks for the shout-out! Great post, and timely as well, since I am going to visit Gothenburg next week! What was your favorite thing you did there? I love your blog in general as well, so many good tips!


  2. Damn, I wish I had found this blog before your visit! I’m English and have been living here for nearly two years. Although the Swedes love their fish and beef there are some great vegetarian and vegan restaurants spread out through the city. From Indian, Thai, Swedish and junk food (which is a favourite of mine, I love my veggies but I also love a mock meat kebab too) If you find yourself visiting again check out Kelly’s (dive bar with great cheap vegan food), The Old Corner, Restaurang Thali , Moon Thai and Solrosen.
    Keep up the great work on your blog, it’s brilliant!


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