H&M Conscious Collection S/S 2013

H&M have brought out yet another Conscious Collection for Spring Summer 2013 and it looks as exotic and colourful as last year’s Conscious Collection.

It is yet another part of H&M’s work towards a more sustainable future in fashion.

The New Collection includes a variety of pieces such as tropical print blouses, trousers and tops, bright dresses, jackets and shorts beautiful peach, lime, black, crisp white, khaki and mixed colours and prints made with more sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel.

The prices range from £7.99 for a necklace to £29.99 for a pair of heeled sandals. Just look out for the green label. There are also several men’s items made from organic and recycled materials.

French actress, singer and model Vanessa Paradis is the new face for this Spring’s new campaign which is currently abundantly advertised at Oxford Circus Underground Station.

Here is the advert…


…And you can also watch a “behind the scenes” video with Vanessa’s comment on making sure not to waste clothes, electricity, water…


Vaness Paradis H&M Conscious Collection 2013

Vanessa Paradis H&M Conscious Collection 2013


I think it’s really exciting to see that the Swedish company has launched another campaign that draws more attention on fashion’s sustainability and eco-friendliness. In my opinion it sends a positive message of a forward-thinking, conscious business.

H&M are also the “first fashion company to launch global clothes collecting initiative”.

As much as 95% of the tons of clothes that go to landfill every year could be reused or recycled and H&M want to find a solution to avoid this waste.

As you can read on their sustainability press release from February, customers can take used / unwanted clothes in any condition and from any brand in H&M shops as part of H&M’s attempt to reduce the impact of clothes on the environment and to avoid textile waste. The customers receive a discount voucher for 15% a new H&M item for each bag of used clothes they take which are then reprocessed for new use.

There is more information at hm.com/longlivefashion:

Long live fashion! – reduce fashion waste and get money off your next purchase. The goal? Zero waste

How it works – a visual look on how they your unwanted clothes can be reworn, reused, recycled or produce energy

Question? – Questions and answers on why H&M are doing this, what sort of clothes can be handed in…

H&M Charitystar – for each Kg of clothing, Euro 0.02 will be donated to a local charity organisation chosen by H&M. More info on hm.charitystar.com.



Vaness Paradis H&M Conscious Collection 2013

Vanessa Paradis H&M Conscious Collection 2013


Vanessa Paradis H&M Conscious Collection 2013

Vanessa Paradis H&M Conscious Collection 2013


You can also find H&M’s Exclusive Conscious Collection, offering really gorgeous and glamorous red carpet and wedding numbers made with sustainable materials. Prices range from £12.99 for hair accessories to £149.99 for a tulle dress.

Have a look online to see which dresses haven’t sold out yet.


H&M Conscious Collection - Exclusive

H&M Conscious Collection – Exclusive Tulle Dress


H&M Conscious Collection - Exclusive

H&M Conscious Collection – Exclusive Top with Flared Hem and Grosgrain Trousers


H&M Conscious Collection - Exclusive

H&M Conscious Collection – Exclusive Dress with Beaded Embroidery


H&M Conscious Collection - Exclusive

H&M Conscious Collection – Exclusive Satin Dress with Train


I think this collections is stunning and so tempting because it’s sustainable!


Do you like H&M’s Conscious Collection 2013?

What do you think of H&M’s moves for more sustainable fashion?


11 thoughts on “H&M Conscious Collection S/S 2013

  1. Hey Sophie 🙂 … proving yet again that these things don’t have to be boring! Gorgeous collection! Loving those prints. Seriously, if I had the spare cash I’d be tempted to buy one of those tulle dresses just to wear around the house! So pretty 🙂 I’m thinking, though, that I could make a ragged chic one out of some old net curtains with the bodice from something pre-loved. You’ve reminded me I haven’t done any big sewing for so long … I really must (including that seed-pod dress I sketched so long ago now – the fabrics are still just sitting there). Especially since, starting today I have two weeks off work! Luxury 🙂 You’ve inspired me again!


    • Hello 🙂
      Ohh yes making a tulle dress would be a great project, and your seed pod dress sketch was lovely! How long do you think it would take? I hope you have a great time off and please post some pictures if you make the dresses 🙂


      • Thanks Sophie. I will put pictures up. So far this morning I’ve dragged the bags of fabric out of the bedroom and into the lounge. 🙂 and I’ve just finished recycling the last part of a pair of men’s trouser braces (the other part of which I’d used to make some steampunk goggle straps) into a cute and comfy (nice and stretchy) little collar for my cat so we can take him on little walks outside his new home while he gets to know the place 🙂 I attached a long strip of red satin ribbon to it that had been used to wrap a gift too, for a little leash. I’m on a roll! 🙂 I’ll try and get a good photo of him wearing it.


      • Haha I often put things in front of me (actually in the way) to encourage myself to get them done or to make me more aware of them.
        Oh my goodness the collar idea is soooo sweet!!!! You’re amazingly creative 😀
        I can’t wait to see more pics of your lovely kitty 🙂


      • It works too, doesn’t it? Out of sight, out of mind, I find 🙂
        I find necessity is often the mother of cre


      • argh! 🙂 the mother of creativity. But I also find that having other inspiring people around helps a great deal too! 🙂


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