Summer BBQ Vegan Recipes: Tandoori Kebabs and Tabbouleh

Whenever people talk about barbecues, big slabs of meat and chops easily come to mind, however there are many more sustainable, healthy and delicious meat-free recipes to have at any BBQ.

Even though we don’t have a garden and a BBQ cooker I tried two great BBQ recipes last night, inspired by the humid hot weather we are currently having: I tried a Tandoori vegetable kebabs recipe and tabbouleh.

You can find the kebab recipe on the vegetarian living section of Peta.
The main ingredients for the hariyali vegetables’ marinade are a large bunch of fresh coriander, ginger, chilli, lemon, garlic, cumin and seasoning. These are such delicious fragrant flavours, and put together they smell amazing.

Marinade main ingredients

You just need to whiz these up, which I did a little coarsely, add soy yogurt and milk to keep the recipe vegan and cover the vegetables (peppers, aubergines, onions, courgettes…) for them to absorb the lovely flavours.


Cover the vegetables and leave to become super tasty

I really wanted to try to make tabbouleh as it simply seems to be the freshest, tastiest side dish ever, absolutely ideal for a barbecue, or on a hot day, if you fancy something tasty but extremely light and refreshing.

Tabbouleh is a Middle Eastern dish that is easy to make and great to serve as part of a meze too.

I didn’t even think of fiddling with poaching the tomatoes to then skin and deseed them like the recipe I found suggested: go through all this to then throw something away? No thanks. I chose really fresh tomatoes so I just chopped them up whole, apologies if this goes against the original recipe 🙂

Fresh ingredients for tabbouleh

Ingredients for 4 portions:

  • 50g Bulgur wheat
  • 2 Large vine tomatoes, chopped in small pieces
  • 1 Small red onion, finely chopped
  • Large bunch of fresh parley, leaves chopped
  • Small bunch of fresh mint, leaves chopped
  • Half a lemon to squeeze
  • Extra virgin olive oil, a drizzle
  • Salt

-Start off by putting the bulgur wheat into a bowl and add about 100ml boiling water, stir and leave to soak the water and cook itself, like you would do with cous cous;

-Once the bulgur wheat is ready and cooled down (after about 15 minutes) and the remaining ingredients. Enjoy!

Fresh tabbouleh

My boyfriend said it reminded him of holidays in Greece: success!

I made the vegetables in the oven so we didn’t have them as actual kebabs but they were really nice anyway, we had corn on the cob with it, which could also be made on the BBQ.

Tandoori vegetables, tabbouleh, corn on the cob

It was a really lovely combination of fresh flavours and it was vegan and healthy.

Have you had or been to any barbeques this summer?

Did you have any vegetarian or vegan dishes?

6 thoughts on “Summer BBQ Vegan Recipes: Tandoori Kebabs and Tabbouleh

  1. This recipe sounds delicious and I can’t wait to try it, very healthy too and would be great to take to work for lunch if there was any leftover! Thanks Sophie really good blog x


  2. Yum!! I really enjoy barbecues. Being Australian and all 😉

    It is definitely a challenge being a vegetarian but I saw a fab idea the other day for a veggie barbecue – “ribs” of butternut squash, marinated in chilli and garlic and then roasted on the grill. And of course you can’t go past good old haloumi.

    I miss having a barbecue, we don’t have one in our new place but weirdly when we lived in central London with a courtyard we did. Lots of barbies were had over the summers we were there.


  3. The marinade sounds really good. Love coriander (though I hate the fact that it turns to mush so quickly in the fridge). And tabbouleh always reminds me of my home town, Montreal, where Greek food is a bit of a staple. Not sure how you cooked the corn, but these days I tend to just toss it in the oven, straight onto the rack, husk and all, and cook it for about 30 minutes at 375/400 degrees F. That gives it a nice smoky BBQ-ish flavor.


    • Oh yes the marinade was really good, and leftover vegetable were even tastier the day after!
      I know what you mean about the coriander, this time I put the coriander I didn’t use in a glass with some water and it still looks ok!
      This time I made the corn in the microwave, I’ve never tried making it in the oven, thanks for the idea! 🙂


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