Vegetarian Oriental Feast – Korean Dumplings and Japanese Curry

Do you ever crave oriental food? Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese…?
I often do, and I have found a way of combining Japanese, Korean and Chinese ingredients (with a Western touch) to make a DELICIOUS easy and sustainable meat-free Oriental Feast. It’s a great international meal to enjoy while watching the Olympics! 🙂

My oriental feast includes vegan Korean vegetable dumplings to start with, then Japanese curry with Quorn and Chinese Tea, but if you like beer it would be great to try it with some chilled Asahi, Hite or Tsingtao.

Japanese curry is fairly mild, even the S&B brand hot version we tried wasn’t very spicy, but it’s so incredibly TASTY! We absolutely adore it, and I hope you will enjoy it too.

For my vegetarian Japanese curry I used Quorn fillets as they were the best option to have in chunks in a curry to substitute pork or chicken. You could also substitute Quorn for tofu if you wanted a vegan meal (while Quorn are working on their vegan Quorn version without free range egg whites).

Quorn Fillets: perfect vegetarian meat substitute, with fibre and low in fat

I haven’t tried coating Quorn with panko breadcrumbs like I have before when I made meat cutlets for my boyfriend as I’m not sure breadcrumbs would stick to it. However this also mean mine is a lighter, healthier version!

S&B Medium Hot and Hot Japanese Curry Blocks

I bought the Japanese curry and the Korean dumplings in a big Korean supermarket. If you live near Chinatown you could probably find some there as they usually have Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese etc. sections too, or you could order some online from shops such as the Japan Centre.

The curry blocks are for 5 portions but I use each block for 4 portions as we love a little extra curry sauce (increase the ingredients a little to make the meal for 5, 1.5 Quorn fillets per person do the trick).

Do try Chinese jiaozi or other dumplings if they don’t have Korean ones, they are always so delicious!

Korean Vegetable Dumplings

This feast is quite a speedy meal too: the dumplings cook in less than 10 minutes and I used frozen vegetables rather than cooking carrots, onions and potatoes, which saved a lot of time and was absolutely delicious anyway.

Oriental Feast

Serves 4

Korean dumplings: 10 minutes to prepare;

Curry: 5 minutes preparation, 20 minutes to cook, rice: 12 minutes to cook.


  • Korean vegetable dumplings (3 – 5 for each person)
  • 6 Quorn fillets
  • 1 Block / 4 cubes of Japanese curry
  • 2 Medium red onions, chopped in medium pieces
  • 3 Cups of mixed frozen vegetables (I used peas, carrots, broccoli and cauliflowers)
  • Rapeseed oil, a few tbsp
  • Soy sauce
  • Vinegar (I used ordinary malt vinegar)
  • 1 Spring onion, sliced finely
  • Basmati rice, to serve (60g – 80g each)
  • Chinese tea (I used Dragon Well, Longjing tea 龍井茶)
  • Warm water

-Heat a tbsp of oil in a non-stick pan and place the dumplings in it, cover with a lid, let them cook for 2 minutes, add some water to the pan to allow them to steam and cook for another 5 minutes *please follow the packet’s instructions if their directions are different from these*

-Serve the dumplings with a little dish of soy sauce, my absolute favourite is Kikkoman, and a dish of vinegar, sprinkled with the thinly sliced spring onion;

Kikkoman soy sauce dip

Korean Vegetable Dumplings with Vinegar and Spring Onion Dip

-In the meantime, put some water to boil for the rice, I used Tesco Finest Basmati rice which is excellent, it has the same fragrance and texture as the rice you get in China or Chinese restaurants;

Tesco Finest Basmati rice

-Take a block of Japanese curry (4 squares) and cut them into slices, I find this helps the curry become saucy more easily as the blocks are very compact;

Japanese curry block: slice for easier cooking and to combine more easily

-Heat a tbsp of rapeseed oil on a medium het in a pan that is big enough to contain the vegetables, Quorn fillets and the sauce;

-Add the chopped red onions to the pan and cook for a couple of minutes, then add the frozen vegetables, stir;

-After about 5 minutes add the chopped curry blocks and a cup of warm water and stir everything together, a couple of minutes the curry will become deliciously thick and saucy;

-Add the Quorn fillets to the curry and vegetables, I added them whole but if you want to divide them into pieces after a few minutes, once the Quorn is softer, with a wooden spoon;

Let the curry sauce thicken

-Let everything cook, but keep stirring often as the curry sauce is very thick;

Saucy Japanese Curry with Quorn and Vegetables

-Taste and make sure that the vegetables and Quorn are hot and cooked through, serve with the rice.


Japanese Curry with Quorn Fillets and Vegetables

Korean Dumplings and Chinese Tea Feast

Do you often have oriental food? What are your favourite dishes?

Do you go to restaurants or recreate Asian dishes at home?

8 thoughts on “Vegetarian Oriental Feast – Korean Dumplings and Japanese Curry

  1. I’d never heard of Quorn before, but I’ll keep an eye out for it … seems to be a versatile ingredient. Of course, even a pair of socks would taste good in a little Japanese curry (something that I find oddly addictive for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on).


    • Hi Jean-Francois!
      Where do you live? I have only seen Quorn in the U.K. but I checked their site and it’s sold in several other countries.
      It’s so versatile, and as it’s vegetarian it’s great to enable me to make the same dish for my (meat-eating) boyfriend and I.
      Japanese curry is one of the tastiest meals ever 🙂 Is it popular in Singapore too? When I was in China I regularly went to several Japanese restaurants and it was one the most wanted meals!


      • I live in LA now, though I travel to Singapore & Kuala Lumpur frequently for work (am in KL now). I haven’t had too much Japanese curry in this part of the world (though it’s here to be had, I think), but had plenty in the 13 years I lived in Japan.


      • I live in LA now, though I travel to Singapore & Kuala Lumpur frequently for work (am in KL now). I haven’t had too much Japanese curry in this part of the world (though it’s here to be had, I think), but had plenty in the 13 years I lived in Japan.

        I just did a quick check, and it looks like there are a few places to get quorn in LA. I’ll give it a try when I get back.


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