Quick and Easy Sustainable Meals

When it comes to cooking during the week, I sometimes feel a bit lazy or just don’t have a lot of time to get something ready for us to eat.

But that doesn’t make it harder to make sustainable meals swiftly as there are many shortcuts that can be taken.

-The other day I used Ainsley Harriott’s golden vegetable rice and frozen peas as quick side dishes to accompany Tesco’s tasty vegan nut cutlets -these have a really nice texture and flavour and 1 contains 235 calories and is filling enough.

Ainsley Harriott Golden Vegetable Rice – super easy


Tesco Nut Cutlets – Tasty & vegan!

+ frozen peas =

Quick easy and sustainable weekday meal

-Have you tried the Reggae Reggae cooking sauces? They are an explosion of flavour, most of them are vegan and are a great shortcut to make a quick satisfying meal.

Raggae Raggae Cooking Sauce

-I kept mine vegan by softening some garlic and peppers in some extra virgin olive oil, adding the cooking sauce and letting it simmer while making some rice.

It was painfully tasty (it was really hot so I kept eating it even though my tongue was slightly on fire)! Add some normal Reggae Reggae sauce if you truly love your food super spicy.

-Quorn Nuggets: have you tried them? Both my boyfriend and I love them and having them for dinner is like having a healthier (and more sustainable) version of fast food.

Tasty Quorn Nuggets

+ organic rosemary and garlic potatoes and peas =

Quorn Nuggets, Organic Potatoes and Peas Meal

-Combine bread and mozzarella and you have another quick rewarding supper that I previously posted: Italian cheese on toast.

Italian Cheese on Toast

-And if you’re looking for a healthy quick lunch or supper you can rely on Innocent Veg pots: they are (all I think) vegetarian or vegan and very healthy ad they provide you with 3 of your 5 a day and come in many delicious varieties: I tried the vegetable moussaka one for the 1st time a few weeks ago.

Innocent Veg Pot: Vegetable Moussaka

This one is made with roasted aubergine, borlotti beans, tomato and mint and has 266 calories, 8.7g protein, 5.7g fat (1.5g saturates) and 16.7g fibre, 70% of your Guideline Daily Amount!

Minty and creamy Vegetable Moussaka veg pot

I didn’t want it to end so quickly, I could have eaten another one as it was very light.

I also like Innocent veg pots because their cardboard sleeves are really fun, with 101 ways to reuse your pot, such as a plant pot ( I will reuse it to take food to work) and the veg art section with “paintings” made of vegetables and funny jokes.

The only thing is if they’re not on offer they cost £4 which is pricey but they are regularly half price or “2 for £6”.

What do you eat when you don’t have a lot of time?

Do you like cooking short cuts or would you rather make everything from scratch?

4 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Sustainable Meals

  1. Hi Sophie you have Inspired me and I have been making some delicious vegetarian meals I can give you the recipes if you wish thanks for the blog christine


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