Quorn Tart and Trip to The People’s Supermarket

Quorn tart: one of the 1,001 Quorn-using recipes I have made up lately!

I had a packet of shortcrust pastry and Quorn mince to use so I thought I’d combine the two and made Quorn mince Tart!

It’s really simple and quick and lovely warm or cold, I took some to work with me today and it would be great for a pic-nic too 🙂

This is a vegetarian dish as the Quorn contains free range egg white, but Quorn Tweeted back to me that they’re working on an even more sustainable, vegan version of Quorn!

Quorn Mince Tart

Ingredients for 4-6 people:

  • 1 packet of shortcrust pastry, rolled out in a dish (I used Jus Rol, it’s vegan and always tastes and comes out lovely!)
  • 1 packet of Quorn Mince
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves of garlic, chopped
  • 1 aubergine, chopped (or any suitable vegetable you may have)
  • 2 tomatoes, sliced
  • Herbs and spices – I used mixed herbs and chilli flakes, you could use parsley, basil + seasoning
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • More tomatoes and herbs and balsamic vinegar to serve

-Preheat your oven to 200C, put the pastry in it once it has reached its temperature to cook a little before adding the topping;

-Cook the onion in a little olive oil in a pan and add the Quorn mince and the aubergine;

-Cook for a few minutes and add the herbs, spices, salt and pepper ( I also added a dash of water to avoid it getting dry)

-Take the pastry out and add the mince and vegetable mix on it and add the sliced tomatoes over it, put it in the middle of the oven and cook for about 10-12 minutes, the pastry should be golden by then.

-Serve with a simple tomato salad with balsamic vinegar and herbs, add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil if you want.



If you have read my Food Waste and my London Green Fair posts you will know a little about The People’s Supermarket. And… how much I love it.

I went back there today and talked to Jess, who I met at the London Green Fair on 9th June.

We talked about how they source their produce locally and get most of their vegetables from Covent Garden market, or the London area, sell food that didn’t fly thousands of miles to get over here (except ever-popular bananas!) and sell seasonal food whenever possible.

Jess also gave me a 1st draft of their Summary Annual Report, full of interesting facts and figures about TPS that I will share with you soon.

I am excited to say I will go back in a couple of weeks’ time, after the store has received a face lift, and do a shift there to really see how it all works, especially how The Kitchen turns food that is past its best (but still absolutely eatable) becomes someone’s delicious lunch on the go.

So if you fancy finding out more about The People’s Supermarket or just fancy a cool night out, they are hosting a Beer Night this Friday 29th June from 9pm to 11pm at their store in Lamb’s Conduit Street WC1N.

The People’s Supermarket Beer Night

What do you think about making a Quorn Tart?

Have you visited The People’s Supermarket?

3 thoughts on “Quorn Tart and Trip to The People’s Supermarket

  1. Hello Sophie! Thank you for your comment on my blog the other day, lovely to “meet” you. I too am very passionate about conscious sustainable living. And I enjoy Quorn very much! I am thrilled to hear they are working on a vegan version. I would have loved to have attended the Green Fair had I known it was on…I need to have my finger on the pulse more, clearly! I will continue reading your blog with great interest 🙂


    • Hi Philippa, thanks so much! It’s really lovely to meet you too!
      I am a great fan of your blog, I really like your recipes and writing.
      The Green Fair was great and can’t wait for the next one, I am going to write more about the people I met there soon.
      Thanks again! 😀


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