London Green Fair 9th June 2012

I was really excited to be going to the London Green Fair with my budding journalist mate A yesterday but I didn’t imagine it would be as great as it was.

If you can, go there today and have a look around: it’s free, there’s live music, lovely food, workshops, free samples, and of course great people to talk to. Have a look at the Fair’s programme.

After a not so exciting (but not so bad) trip to the dentist’s yesterday morning I walked from the City to Regent’s Park and the Saturday morning relaxed London atmosphere was just  lovely.

I met up with A and we headed towards the heart of the park where we found the Fair’s location. We got there just after 12pm and it got busier and busier, and the weather got better and better, after that.

The London Green Fair has 3 live music stages with local and global music, including an orchestra, a speakers forum with talks and films, a children’s tent, outdoor performances, the electric BikeFest, several stalls dedicated to Permaculture, a tent dedicated to sustainable living with inspiring talks about eco homes, biodiversity, energy efficiency and more, plus of course all the delicious food stalls, here are some examples.

Land Trust were giving out free trees

We went past theLand Trust stall and the girls there told us they were giving away 2,000 trees this weekend, so that the people going to the Fair could plant them and offset the carbon footprint created to get there. Some people even go back and tell them how well their trees are doing, we got a field maple.

Recycled Materials Bird – wings made with blinds!

Great Variery of Recycling Bins of course 🙂

At the Sustainable Living tent, we met EcoAlex, and attended his talk on Green Roofing to save energy, cut your bills and save the planet.

EcoAlex Green Roofing Model

Capital Growth stand

There were fluffy hens and chicks, a singing cockerel, bunny rabbits and geese who attracted many children…

Happy Chicken and Chicks

Riverford displayed examples of their Organic fruit&vegetables delivery service.

Riverford Organic Food Delivery stand

My absolute favourite stand: The People’s Supermarket‘s! I mentioned them in my Food Waste post just the other day so I was so chuffed they were there! 😀

Emanuele, Jamie and Jess from the People’s Supermarket

Fresh clean fruit was on sale, together with lovely spreads and jams made with ingredients that were still great but not as fresh.

I had a great chat with lovely Emanuele, Jamie and Jess and bought one of their banana&cinnamon spreads for my boyfriend, which he loved 🙂

Unfortunately I read on Twitter that they sold out so they won’t be back today but you can go to their shop in Lamb’s Conduit Street to buy their super sustainable food.

Another great stand was the FOE = Friends Of the Earth one where they were raising awareness about the Bee Cause, which I also mentioned in my Bee Cause post.

Me and a Friends of the Earth Bee

I love this picture with a FOE fluffy bee!

There really were many mouth-watering food stalls to choose from and many people enjoyed a tasty lunch in the sun

Lunch in the sun at the London Green Fair

The food stands included several vegetarian and vegan ones, this one was just like the one I regularly went to at Leeds Festival a couple of years ago…

Vegetarian & Vegan Food at the Fair

Tempting Churros y Chocolate with vegan churros

Churros y Chocolate at the London Green Fair

Raw vegan and vegetarian food

I had something tooth-friendly, a chickpea and spinach curry with “ever so soft” bread and rice

Chickpea and Spinach Curry

It was such a lovely day, and the Fair goes on until tonight.

London Green Fair in Regent’s Park

Did you go or are you going to the London Green Fair?

What did you do and see?

What did you enjoy the most?

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