Pottering and Pottery

Happy Wednesday!

Are you enjoying the weather? Here in the U.K. it has been pretty warm the past few days!

I have been doing lots of different things the past few days: last Friday I was lucky enough go on a boat ride on the Thames around Kingston and up to Hampton Court…

My boyfriend driving the boat on the Thames

My boyfriend even had a go at driving it (under the Captain’s supervision) 🙂

On Saturday I went to my boyfriend’s sister’s family hen do: we all went to Glazed All Over and hand painted a piece of pottery for her home, I painted a crown bowl: perfect for lovely snacks this Jubilee weekend!

Crown Snack or Trinkets Bowl – Hand Painted! 🙂

I can’t wait to see how our works of art will be once they’re cooked, glazed and shiny!

Pottery Painting Colours at Glazed All Over

For dinner we went to a Turkish restaurant where there were many delicious vegetarian  dishes and on Sunday I ate out again at an Indian restaurant with my boyfriend – Indian restaurants are just great for absolutely vegetarian dishes, it’s so easy to eat meat-free away from home.

Apart from pottery painting I also did a bit of pottering, tidying up and sorting out stuff in our flat.

I changed my clothes over to my Summery ones and now I have several bags of clothes ready to go to the charity shop – it’s great to know that they can be used by someone else, they are good quality and can be worn a lot more, so it would be a crime to send them to landfill!

Clothes ready for the charity shop

I also did a bit of dusting using my boyfriend’s old (but clean) pants as a duster…

Rock ‘n’ Roll duster for groovy cleaning

…and tended to my lovely orchid which is now blooming beautifully.

My lovely Orchid

Obviously all these activities made me feel peckish so I had a snack: Dark Chocolate Alpro Soya.

I bought them for the first time a few weeks ago (these keep for months) and they are utterly delightful!

Dark Chocolate Alpro Soya – Sooo nice

These puddings / snack are made from soya beans and are vegan.

As stated on the paper sleeve “Soya protein products use 5 times less land and 10 times less water and generate less CO2 emissions than products made from animal protein. We only use non-GM whole soya beans that are not harvested in the rainforest…”

They are really tasty and silky, they taste exactly like other dairy chocolate puddings I have tried before ( I thought they might taste of tofu) but are naturally low in fat, dairy and lactose free, gluten, wheat and nut free, so excellent for people with these intolerances / allergies (plus no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives).

One 125g pot contains 125 kcal, 14.7g sugar, 2.9g fat and 1.0g saturated fat, and 125g of loveliness! 😀

I loooove these actually healthy chocolate puddings – a dream once you’ve kept them in the fridge to chill.


If you’re getting ready for the Jubilee weekend (or just for the weekend) please remember that when you buy drink cans that are held together with plastic rings, these can be very dangerous for animals if they end up anywhere near them.

Beer can plastic rings

When these plastic rings end up in ponds, lakes or in the sea, they become dangerous to animals as they can get wrapped around birds’ necks and strangle them or animals can even get trapped in them…

Stuck Duck 😦 – photo from sandallpark.org.uk

But hey! It’s very simple and quick to avoid this: simply cut up the rings so that there are no more closed rings and recycle them to minimise the chance of these awful bits of plastic getting in an innocent animal’s way.

Cut up plastic rings


Have you got any plans for this long weekend?

Do you find it easy to choose meat free dishes when you go out to eat?

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