Monsanto Broccoli and Save the Bees

Hello! How is your (Bank Holiday) weekend going?

You may remember my previous Bee Cause post, where I wrote about how bees are crucial to our economy beecause they help pollinate over 75% of our crops, a job that would cost an enormous £1.8 Billion every year to do by hand-pollinating crops. Here’s what you can do to help protect them.

It was SO funny when we went to my boyfriend’s mate’s house and they disturbed a beehive: his mate is terrified of bees and was going around sealed inside his hoodie (I nearly wet myself I was laughing so much) and when he rang a pest control company, asking them if they could get rid of the beehive, they told him they’re not allowed to touch them as they’re endangered. This was almost a year ago, so things are still pretty bad.

My Swiss cousin N shared with me another very interesting bee-related e-mail from Avaaz, a global civic organization that promotes taking action on issues such as human rights and climate change.

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This bee problem isn’t just relevant to the U.K.: in recent years bees populations around the world have gone down and some species are already extinct, in the U.S. there are several species that only have 4% of their original populations.

The causes of this drastic decline? Diseases, loss of habitat and of course, toxic chemical substances that simply poison them.

One very big cause has been narrowed down to an ongoing threat to bees caused by neonicotinoid pesticides that kills them, currently being sold by the pharmaceutical company Bayer: France, Italy, Slovenia and even Germany (Bayer is a German company) have prohibited importations of these pesticides, but what about the rest of the world?

By signing this petition you can contribute to stop the production and sale of these pesticides that are killing bees and putting our food production in danger. Invest a few moments of your time for a beefull future 🙂


I was recently contacted by, a website where anyone can start an online petition to try and promote social change and spread awareness on all sorts of topics: human rights, companies’ corruption, human trafficking and of course environmental issues.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post with 2 recipes that used broccoli, but do you know where your broccoli come from? informed me that Sainsbury’s and Waitrose are stocking and selling Monsanto Bellaverde broccoli.

What is Monsanto?

Monsanto’s home page states that: “Monsanto is an agricultural company. […] We help farmers grow yield sustainably so they can be successful, […] while also reducing agriculture’s impact on our environment.”

However, Monsanto is also the largest producer of glyphosate herbicides, one of the most toxic herbicides which remains into the crops it’s used on and can lead to malformations and forms of cancer.

The father of 2 who started the petition said: “The list of Monsanto’s environmental crimes and human rights violations is endless and it’s no surprise that last year they were voted Worst Company of 2011 by the Natural Society”. Imagine trying to buy healthy food such as broccoli, only to find out they are full of harmful pesticides??

It’s a shock to hear that their products are being sold at all, and by selling them in the UK, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose are opening doors to GMO foods to enter the UK food market.

Tell Sainsbury’s and Waitrose to stop selling Monsanto products. This petition can be signed by anyone from any country, please do so if you have a spare minute!

No to Monsanto in the UK – Picture from

More information on Waitrose and Sainsbury’s reactions can be found in this article.

Thank you so much!

What do you think of the bee cause?

Are you surprised to hear that 2 of the UK’s major supermarkets are stocking and selling Monsanto produce?

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