Fresh Herby Tales – Parsley

I grew up in North-West Italy, in the Pre-Alps area, in a tiny hamlet that is practically situated in the woods.

I have always been used to going outside and seeing trees everywhere, snow-capped mountains in the cold months and green and golden in the warm months, hearing birds sing, the humming of the torrent, the sweet smell of the freshest mountain air…

Mountain View from my Home

I have also been used having all sorts of herbs growing within a few steps from our doorstep: mint, sage, rosemary, (other herbs that might not even have a name in English or that I just don’t know how to call) and parsley.

My mum asked me to get some herbs while she was cooking so many times! I probably felt a bit lazy then, but I feel so lucky to have grown up in the middle of nature!

When I saw parsley in a supermarket the other day, I thought: “Parsley in a bag? If I were at home I could just go down the stone steps and get some fresh wildly and casually growing organic parsley!” -The supermarket parsley was from Italy too!

I felt a bit silly buying parsley in a packet, but as it was reduced to clear I thought if I bought it I would save it from potentially being thrown away so I gave in and got it 🙂

Fresh herbs may seem a bit expensive to me (as I’m used to just picking them from outside) but they really do give a delicious aroma and flavour, so I guess it’s worth buying them or – even better – growing them yourself.

Parsley not only tastes and smells delicious and fresh but it also has anticancer properties and diuretic effects.

I used it to give a fresh flavour to my sweet potato mash. Sweet potato is a great vegetable for its numerous nutritional values, it contains vitamins, fibre, calcium, iron…this is a super food!

Sweet Potato and Parsley Mash

  • 1 Large sweet potato will be enough for 2 people as a side dish or for one if you want it as a meal;
  • Fresh Parsley, lightly chopped (it doesn’t work as well with dry parsley but use it if you can’t get fresh parsley);
  • Freshly crushed salt and pepper;
  • Cinnamon (optional).

-Peel and cut the potato in small chunks (they will cook quicker and use up less energy);

-Chop up some fresh parsley – it will smell fantastic;

Fresh Parsley – wish you could smell it!

-Cook in water until easily pierced with a knife/fork;

Cook the sweet potato until it’s mashable

-With a fork, whip up and smooth the potato until it’s creamed: add the parsley, seasoning and cinnamon to taste.

Mashed sweet potato with parsley

Adding the cinnamon was an inspiration I got from fellow blogger Domestic Diva MD in her Sweet Potatoes recipe post, it was a really interesting combination with the sweetness of the potatoes!


I also used some parsley for my work lunch with cous cous, sun-dried tomatoes and diced pepper, it was really fresh and lovely!

Cous Cous with parsley

Do you buy / use fresh herbs?

Which fresh herbs are your favourite?


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