Bee Cause and Sweet Snacks

“If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years left to live.”
Albert Einstein.

Bees are vital to our food supply and economy and help pollinate over 75% of our plants.

Together with other pollinating insects, bees are vital to:

  • Our food supply, as they pollinate our delicious fruit and veg;
  • Our economy, as without bees costs for farmers would rise and consequently food prices would soar;
  • Our quality of life: what would are gardens, parks and fields be like with no bees?

In the U.K. bees’ numbers have decreased dramatically and you can help save British bees with the “Bee Cause”.

By signing the petition you will be able to get free bee-friendly seeds for your garden or window pots and take the bee quiz! I love quizzes!

Also find the link to get a free Greenpeace sticker with the “Find your Spirit Animal” quiz on my previous post.

I only got 1 answer right on the bee quiz! I really need to learn more about bees, they are truly amazing.

How did you score?


I keep thinking I felt healthier during my 1-month vegan pledge, so here are more sweet snacks that I enjoy:

Fruit juice:

Apricot Juice – My favourite!

I grew up in Italy and apricot juice (together with peach  and pear juice) is one of the most popular fruit juices, however for some reason it’s really hard to find here in the U.K. so when my lovely friend D found it and gave it to me I was so happy!! 😀

It’s healthy and satisfying when you fancy a sweet snack / drink!


Dip Dabs – Vegan treat

Lollipops are hard sweets and therefore practically always vegan. They are a really nice sweet treat and don’t contain beef or pork gelatine like many other sweets (mainly gummy soft sweets) such as marshmallows, some brands of jelly beans and (unfortunately) most fizzy soft chewy sweets.


Rachel’s organic low fat vanilla bio-live yogurt

I actually haven’t tried soy yogurt yet, but this dairy organic vanilla yogurt is delicious and even has a strip to separate the paper from the plastic pot for recycling!

Ready for Recycling

What are your favourite sustainable snacks?


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