Panda Dogs and Good Green Deeds

OMG, dogs in coats.

Dogs in coats are something that either make me think “Awww” the same way most people would say “awww” to a cute baby or make me think “leave the poor creature alone and stop dressing it up for dog’s sake!”. 🙂

Yesterday was a chilly day and I saw a doggy wearing a sensible coat, and that was cute and practical.

A few weeks ago I was in Leather Lane and there was a little tiny chihuahua on its lead, and it was so small that he/she couldn’t keep up with the owner and was literally skidding and flying along the lane and I was really afraid it would get squashed by the lunch-time crowd. This little rat was wearing a super blinged-up coat that simply looked silly…but perhaps not as silly as some Chinese dyed pets:

Dog Pandas – Picture from Google

Pandas are so sweet…but dog pandas? erm…

Silver trainers? A must have!?! – Picture from Google

When my boyfriend came over to China to see me we travelled to Guangzhou (Canton) and we saw SO MANY trainer-wearing dogs!! Especially silver and gold trainers!!

Surely those little soft pads under dogs’ and cats’ feet are all these animals need to walk properly…

If you think these shoes are a bit O.T.T. then look at these doggies:

I Pug! – Picture from

YO! – Pic from

Poor doggy in a dress – Picture from Google

These pictures are pretty funny…but I can’t imagine all this gear to be very comfortable for them! After all dogs are pets that need to be loved, not fashion accessories to show off!

What’s your opinion on dressing animals up? Is it ok or cruel or does it depend on the case?


Moving onto something less frivolous, last year Greenpeace wrote to a big investment company, F&C, to ask them to avoid investing in Cairn Energy who wanted to drill the Arctic, one of the Earth’s most fragile ecosystems which has lost 75% of its sea ice in the last 30 years, for oil.

They recently confirmed they will avoid investing in them, but by clicking on the highlight you can help by telling the top fund providers to drop Arctic drillers from their books with this message:

“Drilling for oil in the Arctic is risky, unacceptable, and wrong. Companies engaging in it have no place in any investment fund with an environmental screen. F&C, one of the UK’s biggest ethical funds, recently decided to screen out any oil firm drilling in the Arctic.  We’re asking you to follow suit. Please commit to exclude oil companies drilling in the Arctic from your environmentally screened funds, starting with Shell.”

What do you think about drilling the Arctic for oil? Is it justified or should we start using renewable  and natural energy sources?

Win a Greenpeace sticker by taking the quiz “Find Your Spirit Animal” :

Apparently I am an Orangutan, which animal are you?

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