Sorting Wardrobes and Vegantarian Tart

I do not quite know how I have so many things. With things I mean clothes, books, boxes containing little, medium and big things, magazines, shoes, bags, notebooks, leaflets…

Actually I do know how these have come into my possession, but I do not know why it’s taking me so long to go through them and dispose of the items I don’t need in the most sustainable and waste-avoiding way.

When going through your things keep in mind these sustainable options:

Charity shop/recycle, sell on ebay/gumtree, give to someone you know, customise or keep!

Last week-end I went to TK Maxx, the “Big Labels Small Prices” retailer where I was with N, looking for birthday presents (of course, after hours of me thinking about where to get presents he wanted to get, he decided to get a voucher and DVDs in the only shop I hadn’t suggested).

Anyhow. I saw a big metal “cage” with a Cancer Research poster all around it asking to give up your clothes for good. Donating the clothes that don’t fit you, you don’t like anymore or you are fed up of will help fight against children’s cancers. You can also donate jewellery, CDs and DVDs.

I am currently trying to make a bit of money selling stuff on eBay, but some things are just a bit hard to sell so charity shops are always a great opportunity to give something a new life and help charities make a bit of money for a good cause in the process. Yay!

Read about how 100 million years of UK life are lost to smoking (and don’t all those cigarettes pollute the air and the streets?!) and bowel cancer risk causes, including eating a lot of red meat, on their website.

Otherwise there are various ways to start using things in your wardrobe again. Try updating things or combining them in a new way to save money and to avoid buying new things that aren’t necessary.

Ladies can wear their Summer dresses in the Autumn too, paired up with warm tights and cardigans, or add a chunky belt and a statement necklace to a not-so-exciting top. If you have trousers you don’t like the cut of, why not make them into cropped trousers or shorts? Or dye something another colour, swap the buttons, add a brooch, cut sleeves off tops…just use your imagination and use magazines or online pictures as inspiration!

With thread and needle you can revolutionise, upcycle and reinvent the clothes you already own, I think the sort of tips that Gok Wan gives on his show are  great as he shows how easy it can be. Find out how to make things on the How To section of the Channel 4 website or check out his tips by watching past episodes of Gok’s Clothes Roadshow.

Or if you’re unsure on how to make these changes ask a tailor, after all spending a little money on making a change and then wearing an item is better than not wearing it at all and wasting the money to buy it in the first place!

Ever heard of Swishing? It’s a site where you can arrange to meet other people and each person brings items they no longer want to swap them with other people’s unwanted items. 🙂


I sometimes forget how GOOD some bands are, so let me share with you Kasabian‘s 2004 debut single Processed Beats before we move onto a lovely (and not so processed) recipe.


Vegantarian Vegetable Tart

I made this tart on Saturday and it was quick and easy to make, healthy and filling. Half was vegan, half was vegetarian. So it’s my vegantarian tart 🙂

Ingredients for 4 as a main, 6 as a starter:

  • 500g of vegan frozen puff pastry, thawed;
  • Vegetables such as onions, cherry tomatoes, leeks, aubergines, peppers, carrots, broccoli, chopped;
  • 3 cloves of garlic, crushed;
  • Olive oil;
  • 3 tbsp Balsamic vinegar;
  • Goat’s cheese if you are having the vegetarian version.

Jus Rol Vegan Pastry

-Preheat the oven to 200C;

-Roll the pastry out to fit an oven proof dish of your choice (I only have a roasting dish so I used that) and put in the oven;

-In the meantime heat a drizzle of olive oil in a non-stick pan, on a medium heat, add the crushed garlic, the chopped vegetables of your choice (I used 2 red onions, 2 leeks and a large handful of cherry tomatoes) and cook them for about 10 minutes to soften them (I didn’t soften the tomatoes);

Leeks and Red Onions – Great Tart Topping

-After about 5 minutes of cooking add the balsamic vinegar;

Balsamic Vinegar – To give a lovely sweet caramelised flavour

-After the vegetables have softened and the balsamic vinegar has caramelised a bit, take the pastry out and place the vegetables onto the pastry, which should be a bit golden by now;

Add the vegetables to the pastry

– You can add fresher vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers just before putting the pastry back in the oven a second time to keep their texture and fresh taste;

Add fresh vegetables before putting in the oven again

-If making the goat’s cheese version, also crumble the cheese on now and cook in the oven for another 15 minutes;

Vegantarian Vegetable Tart

-I added the cheese to only half of the tart and actually preferred the vegan half (I’m not a cheesy person) but the goat’s cheese was lovely and creamy and went really well with the vegetables and balsamic vinegar;

-Season to taste, enjoy warm or cold (it’s great to take to work for lunch or for a picnic), serve with a lovely salad for a healthy meal!

Roasted Vegetable Topping

Vegantarian Tart – Enjoy!

How do you usually dispose of unwanted items?

Which version of the tart would you like to try?

Leave a comment, I would love to know what you think!

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