Inspiring Spring Trips – Sustainable Travel

Every morning, on my way to the train station, I look at the trees’ blossoms and people’s flowery gardens as if it were my first Spring, it all looks so lovely!

Winter’s gone and it’s gradually getting warmer, and I really feel me and N should go somewhere new.

I looked at some National Geographic pictures and it’s so hard to decide where to go: we need to think of a budget (we definitely can’t couldn’t go too far at the moment… Australia: see you another time!) , taking time off work, how to get there, accommodation…

This year’s a very busy year for the U.K.: the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics, and there has been a great emphasis on British tourism.

This Visit Britain ad sums this year’s emphasis on British tourism:

…but I bet they’re going abroad this year! 😛

But perhaps we should keep it local…

Coast Path, Wales, National Geographic Picture

I’ve never been to Wales, and this part of the 870-mile Coast Path looks so beautiful…

Lake District, Picture from Google

I would also love to go to the Lake District again, I only went to one of the lakes a few years ago, during a trip to Whitehaven, North West England, where my nan, granddad, mum and aunts used to live when my mum was little.

It looks stunning, that would be a real break from my computer-screen filled days.

Herringfleet Windmill, The Broads, England – National Geographic Picture

The Broads includes Great Britain’s largest protected wetlands, this landscape is man-made after centuries of excavation and the diggings slowly filled up with water. It doesn’t look like England, so that makes it really intriguing.

Or maybe we could (quite literally) push the boat out and go to Ireland…

Inishowen, Ireland – National Geographic Picture

If you are looking for a greener holiday you can also check B&Bs, hotels, farms and campsites on Organic Holidays.

Are you planning any Spring trips or holidays this year?

Leave a comment, I would love to know what you think!

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