Energy and Money-Saving Tips

Spring has arrived and I just can’t wait to go somewhere for some sort of break or holiday.

The thing is, in order to be able to afford my weekend getaway or my week-long adventure I need to save money.

The idea of  saving money is simple but not always easy, so I shared with you some money (and energy) saving tips in my Waste Not Want Not post, but as I have more tips, many of which come from my lovely Friends of the Earth Newsletter, here is another post I hope you will find useful!

Saving Energy = Saving Money = Holiday ❤

  • Cleaning tips
  • Got an annoying oil stain to get rid of? Rub chalk on the affected area before washing, it should get rid of the stain without the need to use chemical stain removers or petrol;
  • Fancy giving your abode a Spring face-lift? Make your own cheap but efficient All-Purpose  Cleaner to clean your fridge, sides, tiles, microwave by mixing 4 tablespoons of baking soda and 2 pints of water, wiping surfaces with a soft cloth. For more natural cleaning ideas, take a look at the green cleaning goodies from the F.O.E. shop or look for the Green Cleaning for Dummies book;
  • Lemons are extremely versatile and useful for your laundry, cleaning, health&beauty, food&drinks…read how to get rid of spots, grease, rust and make lemonade with 40 Handy Lemon Tips;


  • Reusing tips
  • Use re-usable cotton cloths or even cut up old towels or T-Shirts rather than using disposable kitchen paper, I do this and haven’t bought kitchen paper over a year!
  • Instead of  buying new things, check Streetbank  for items that your could borrow from others such as tools or tents;

Energy and money-saving tips

  • To save energy and money on your electricity bill, defrost your freezer: when the cooling elements are covered with ice they have to work harder to keep the inside of the freezer cold, so defrost to save money;
  • Unplug things when you are not using them, as most electrical items use nearly as much electricity when they’re on standby as when they are on;
  • Save more electricity by washing your lightly soiled clothes at low temperatures as most detergents work well with cooler washes;
  • Buy fruit and veg in season;
  • Use pressure cookers, they speed up cooking and use a lot less energy;
  • Make your own body scrub by mixing oil with ground sea salt and brown sugar;

Money and Energy-Saving Inspiration Photo

Do you find these tips useful? Are there any you would like to try?

Leave a comment, I would love to know what you think!

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