Crunchy, Tasty, Healthy Seeds

After my vegan pledge I started enjoying the vegetarian (but not necessarily vegan) food I normally enjoy: toast/hot cross buns with butter spread, English Breakfast tea with a dash of milk, chocolate, cheesy pizza…milk just seems to be everywhere!

But I realised I don’t feel as light and healthy as I did during my vegan pledge month, and when eating dairy and eggs I found it easier to eat less vegetables so that’s why I want to carry on discovering and trying more healthy and tasty (and environmentally friendly) vegan dishes.

Seeds are very healthy snacks thanks to their healthy fats, protein, vitamin and mineral content, and I found a lovely list of each seed’s individual health property that you might find interesting (sesame seeds contain calcium, perfect for a vegan diet).

I like seeds and love to add them to food: porridge, salads, vegan bars that I previously tried, soups…they add a lovely flavour and crunch to anything.

When I snack on them on their own or add them to something as a healthy topping I like to toast them first: this brings out more of their flavour and they become really lovely and crunchy, delicious!

The seeds I use the most are pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds (often sold together as omega 3 mix) and I like to add cashew nuts as they are irresistible when they are toasted.

Put the desired amount of seeds into a clean non-stick pan without adding any oil or anything;

Omega 3 Sprinkle to Toast

Keep them on a medium heat for a few minutes, keeping an eye on them so they don’t burn, until they turn golden and look nice and toasted;

Toasted Seeds

As you can see you can really tell when the green pumpkin seeds are toasted, they crack and pop in the pan and become super crunchy.

Once they are ready turn the heat off and leave to cool. I usually toast quite a lot of seeds and once they are cool I put them in a sealed plastic box so I can use some whenever I fancy!

These are really lovely with a salad, they add protein to it, crunch, colour…

The other day I made a salad that was a bit different to the one I had on Valentine’s day:

Seedy Salad

I made this one using crunchy iceberg lettuce leaves torn by hand, cherry tomatoes, black olives, roasted pepper hoummous (hidden under the leaves); pickled chilli for a bit of heat and of course my toasted seeds and cashews.

It was really nice and refreshing and as I knew it probably wouldn’t be filling enough for me I took some healthy rye crackers and rice cakes to go with it.

Rye Crackers and Rice Cakes

It was a great lunch for work, hope it inspired you to try toasty seeds as a healthy topping 🙂

What do you usually eat when you’re at work? How do you like to eat seeds?

Leave a comment, I would love to know what you think!

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