Reading&Tweeting Green – Saving Paper and Fish Fight

Paper. We use it everyday.

Our mail, free morning papers to pick up before jumping on the train, leaflets, packaging…There is so much paper everywhere!

It is mostly made from cellulose pulp derived from wood, so it’s best only use it when necessary and recycle as much as possible to avoid fuelling further deforestation projects.

Many people read newspapers and magazines and then recycle them, but it would be even better to pass them on to someone else to read so you could give them to your friends, family, colleagues, or even take them to charity shops… Some sell them on for a few pence so all their lovely articles and pictures can be used by even more people!

Glossy Magazines: so easy to accumulate!

But if you want to use less paper and save money, then the easiest thing is to get used reading them, or related blogs, online.

It’s almost always free, articles are updated to the minute, you can get newsletters directly in your inbox and many websites are just as good as the paper ones!

Some of the best ones I found were:

Fashion and Beauty Magazines:

Fitness magazines:

As recommended by an amazing blog that I found called Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish:

Environment, Photography:



* * * * * *

This morning I received an urgent e-mail from Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall about a meeting taking place in Brussels on Monday regarding the Fish Fight against the immense and unnecessary waste of discards.

If you click on this link: and tweet the ministers about why you think all this waste should be put to an end you will help make this change happen!

If you don’t know much about the Fish Fight, take a look at what this campaign is all about, where you can all also find links to the past episodes of the Fish Fight on 4od.

The main point is, half the fish caught in the North Sea are being thrown back in the sea, dead, because of EU laws that must change!

Many celebrities, including Stephen Fry and Coldplay, have joined the Fish Fight!

Have you joined the fight? Will you?

Do you read websites or blogs so you don’t have to buy magazines or papers?

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