Waste Not Want Not – Save Money and Be Sustainable

I have just watched “Super Scrimpers” on Channel 4 and their money-saving tips were both hilarious and amazing!

Trying to change your habits to save energy can be quite annoying for some, and “I don’t have time”, “I don’t really care”, “How would that small change make a difference?” are all (at least partly) understandable objections.

But most energy-saving habits also save you money!

Saving Money = Having more to spend on Organic Chocolate ❤

The best tips I got from the programme were:

  • Stop paying full prices for things: use Freecycle, eBay and myvouchercodes.co.uk. Keep things away from landfill, what you need or want is out there and you can get it for a fraction of its price while keeping it away from landfill!
  • Make food from scratch rather than buying ready-made branded food (which often has a lot of unnecessary additives too);
  • Go charity shopping, you’ll save money, re-use something, support a charity…totally guilt-free!
  • Share your ride to work, to town… that will save you money and save you using your car when someone else is going your way!
  • Bulk buy and freeze what you don’t need: if you buy things in bulk make sure you don’t waste anything. With food you can do this by freezing what you don’t need straight away. If you want a slice of lime with your drink, chop the rest, freeze and use it next time!
  • Natural remedies are cheaper and better for the environment: -Make woodwork gleam by mixing 2 parts of vegetable to 1 of lemon juice to make a natural polish that will give a natural lustre and refreshing scent to wooden furniture;
  • Clean your loo by pouring value Coca Cola down it and leaving overnight (probably not as toxic as toilet cleaner, I must try it!);
  • When you do your washing up, add 2tbsp white vinegar in the water to cut through the grease;
  • For a cheap holiday, pollute less and save money! Avoid getting the plane and swap your home with someone else’s for a cheap, more local staycation.

Do you have any environment + money-saving tips to share?


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