Morning Peanut Crunch – Vegan Day 29

Day 29 of my vegan pledge. Tomorrow is the last day!

The other day I asked my super healthy colleague R which peanut butter she uses and she told me she gets hers from Whole Foods, and as I wrote in my Vegan Vagabonding post, I went there on Friday.

I love that shop, I feel healthier just by stepping in it!

I’d love to be able to buy all sorts of things from these health shops all the time, but they are expensive, so for the minute they are like “treat trips” to me.

So I got the peanut butter she recommended: Meridian Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter, a 1 kg tub for only £4.99, great value!

Crunchy Peanut Butter

When I opened it I was like “Whaaaaat?” I have never seen a peanut butter looking so different and natural and not so mass-produced like ordinary ones sold in common supermarkets!

I hadn’t eaten peanut butter in years as I got addicted to it in China, but it’s a healthy, filling vegan breakfast with bread so why not!

Lovely Breakfast

The great thing about this peanut butter is that it’s made with 1 ingredient!

No added sugar, no salt, no palm oil…only 100% roasted peanuts in their skins!

The super crunchy texture makes it nicer to eat than those peanut butters that stick to your palate like super glue.


It may look a bit different but it’s really nice and healthy, a bit hard to spread but my lovely wooden butter knife did the job.

Have you ever opened a pot or packet of something and found that it didn’t look as you expected?

Do you rely on people’s recommendations for new things to try?

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