Fairtrade Fortnight Goodies – Vegan Day 28

Day 28 of my vegan month pledge: Not long to go!

Monday was the start of Fairtrade fortnight, (27th February – 11th March 2012), the annual event during which  fair trading is celebrated!

In developing countries many people depend on farming to sustain themselves, but the ruthless rules of world trade means that they often get stuck in poverty as they don’t get an opportunity to earn enough to actually save any for their family.

This is where Fairtrade steps in: workers get a fairer deal and are able to feed themselves, their family and optimise their business.

So why not take a step and buy Fairtrade products to help these people get the most of their business?

It’s great because at the moment several supermarkets are encouraging people to try Fairtrade goodies with tempting offers, the Co-operative is celebrating with 20% off Fairtrade products such as bananas, tea, coffee, wine, chocolate…

Isn’t that great? You won’t even have to feel guilty about buying treats like chocolate if it’s Fairtrade!

Tesco also have Fairtrade offers on at the moment, such as Cafe’ Direct‘s Coffee and Chocolate Buttons like the ones I got for only 99p!

Have a look at the recipes using Fairtrade products on their site!

I started with 3 essentials: tea and chocolate of course!

Sainsbury’s Fairtrade Tea

Fairtrade Chocolate Buttons

Delicious Clipper Pure Green Tea

There so many different Fairtrade teas and infusions to choose from, there’s something for everyone, as you can see from this selection from the Antimony health shop.

Fairtrade Teas and Infusions

There many other Fairtrade products you can buy: lemons, bananas, oranges, grapes, wine, oil, Fairtrade cotton T-shirts, and socks, Fairtrade syrup, sugar, body butter (you can find these at Boots together with cotton buds, body wash, pads, scrubs, all Fairtrade), cocoa, chocolate, cereals, rice, honey, biscuits, pepper, flowers, coffee, nuts, ale, cakes, jam…

I used to attend my University’s Sustainability and Environmental Group’s meetings, which included Fairtrade meetings and how to incorporate as many Fairtrade products as possible in the Uni’s canteens and for catering events, and I got a very useful Year of Swap booklet showing how you can use Fairtrade products throughout the year:

  • January: Detox Time: Fairtrade cotton yoga pants and Fairtrade green tea;
  • February: Pancake Day: Fairtrade syrup and Fairtrade sugar; Valentine’s Day: Fairtrade roses;
  • March: Mother’s Day: Fairtrade body butter and Fairtrade roses;
  • April: Easter Sunday: Fairtrade chocolate eggs and Fairtrade fruit cakes;
  • May: FA Cup Final: Fairtrade beers and ales and Fairtrade footballs;
  • June: Father’s Day: Fairtrade cotton sweatwhirts and Fairtrade liquorice;
  • July: Tennis season: Fairtrade cotton whites and Fairtrade orange squash;
  • August: Summer Bank Holiday: Fairtrade cotton beach towels and Fairtrade ice cream;
  • September: First Day at School: Fairtrade cotton uniforms and Fairtrade cereal bars;
  • October: Diwali: Fairtrade spices and Fairtrade basmati rice;
  • November: Bonfire Night: Fairtrade toffee apples and Fairtrade hot chocolate;
  • December: Christmas Eve: Fairtrade Brazil nuts and Fairtrade spiced rum.

Swapping normal products for Fairtrade ones makes a big difference. You guarantee a fairer price for developing world producers.

Fairtrade isn’t an expensive choice, a survey compared it to 10 supermarket own brands and it came out cheaper!

Go to fairtrade.org.uk to find the whole range of Fairtrade products.

What have you bought / will you buy that is Fairtrade?

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