Vegan Vagabonding – Vegan Day 27

Day 27 of my vegan challenge, and this week was interesting as I had the opportunity to see how easy or difficult it is to find vegan meals away from the comfort of your own kitchen.

On Sunday evening we went over to my boyfriend’s sister K’s house and everyone fancied take-away pizza.

Of course, as any respectable pizza take-away place, the menu from the place they were ordering from showcased a wide variety of whatever-meat-you-can-think-of-it’s-on-this-one pizzas, and the more vegetables-orientated ones had about a ton of cheese on them.

I think I did spot a vegan dish on that menu: side salad in a cardboard tub, which probably consisted of half a cucumber, 2 tomatoes and an old lettuce leaf. Lovely.

I went to Tesco, and after the first few panicky minutes while I was considering to have a plain dry crisp sandwich (YUK), I hopefully glided towards the freezers and found something that wouldn’t take much preparing or cooking time but would be tasty and vegan: potato wedges!!

Tasty Wedges

Tasty Wedges

The packet says “perfect for dipping and sharing” and these lightly spiced wedges were perfectly dipped into sweet chilli sauce and ketchup by me, but not shared as much as I practically ate them all myself!!

I love McCain’s adverts, they’re so cute!

The evening after that we went back to K’s home to have roast dinner, and my vegan version was a lovely plate full of delicious roasted vegetables!

After that, K said she had a raspberry sorbet and when she checked, we realised it was VEGAN!! My eyes nearly popped out as I marvelled at the tub, greatly anticipating the awaiting delight: it was just as delicious as it looked.

Delicious Raspberry Sorbet

My photo doesn’t do it justice, it’s such a vibrant colour!

Delicious Raspberry Sorbet from Sainsbury’s

I had been fancying ice cream and I was so happy this was vegan!

On Wednesday I met up with lovely C-N for the first time, who will hopefully be my Chinese language exchange.

We went to EAT to have grab a drink and sit down to chat, so I thought I’d finally try a hot drink with soy milk. I have tried soy milk before on its own and I do not like it.

I had a Chai Latte and even though, I admit it, the first sips made me pull some probably very weird expressions, but I quickly got used to the taste and in the end it was pretty enjoyable with a nice cinnamony taste.

On Thursday me, my boyfriend N, K and F all went to the theatre (still calling everyone by their initials like in the Andy Warhol book I read…).

We went to see “The Wizard of Oz” which was great (how does it all happen on one stage?!?) and before meeting up with everyone in Oxford Street I got a meal deal from Tesco…that was vegan! Yay!

OMG! A vegan Sarnie? Yes please!

I was so hungry, and when I started eating this it tasted like the nicest thing in the world!

Brown bread, grated carrots, spinach, houmous, carrot chutney: delicious, light and healthy!

I had it with orange juice and salted Kettle chips, which only contain potatoes, sunflower oil and salt, nothing else added. The best crisps ever!!!

I liked this sandwich so much that I tried to recreate it for yesterday’s lunch at work:

DIY Version

Noticeably messier but as tasty! My sarnie also had cherry tomatoes, lettuce instead of spinach, piri piri houmous, chunks of carrots rather than grated carrots and of course, chilli flakes!

After lunch and work I met up with my mates D ‘n’ A and we went to the Japan Centre in Piccadilly via Whole Foods.

I asked the lady at the Japan Centre which one of the soups were vegan and she said that all soup broths were either pork, beef, chicken or fish! Not even vegetarian! Gulp!

Fortunately another lady heard me say in a sad and desperate voice “But what am I going to eat??” so she said if I wanted to go to Itsu and bring the food back there to eat with my friends, it wouldn’t be a problem.

So off to Itsu I went, where I got a vegan Superbowl: spinach, French beans, mushrooms, peppers, beansprouts, carrots, leeks, tofu, cashew nuts, seaweed, brown rice and fragrant Thai sauce, yummy!!

I was very impressed with the Japan Centre’s recycling facilities, even for chopsticks and food waste:

Recycling Bins Make Me Happy

After the Japan Centre we went Starbucks, and after what seemed to be a fairly long dialogue with the Starbucks lady with me trying to tell her I didn’t want milk and her suggesting I had the hot chocolate that absolutely contained milk, I finally got my vegan hot chocolate with soy milk and a cinnamon island topping

Hot Chocolate with Soy Milk

I couldn’t taste the soy milk so much, it was utterly delectable and I will definitely have it again in the future, once my vegan pledge ends! My friends A ‘n’ D liked it too.

All in all, eating around and vegan meal hunting wasn’t too bad, have you ever had problems finding something that suited your needs or taste?


5 thoughts on “Vegan Vagabonding – Vegan Day 27

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  2. Being on the road so much this year makes it hard to eat the way I’d like. I never have a hard time finding things that suit my tastes (I like pretty much everything) – but my needs are another matter. Small, healthy and preferably vegetarian is a tall order when you’re forced to eat at a small selection of restaurants daily.


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