Edible Designer Baguette – Vegan Day 20

Day 20 of my vegan pledge and as it’s Saturday it’s treat day!

This time last week I wanted something full of flavour, satisfying and fun to eat, so I made the perfect eco vegan Saturday night meal: Vegan Sausages Baguettes: scrumptious!

Vegan Sausages Baguettes


  • 1 small Baguette for each person (I used the ones that need baking so they would be warm);
  • 2 Vegan sausages for each person (I used Linda McCartney’s);
  • A few washed lettuce leaves;
  • A few cherry tomatoes, washed and cut in half;
  • A sliced spring onion;
  • A few thin red onion slices;
  • Houmous or ketchup (or both!);
  • Chilli flakes (optional).

All you need

Delicious vegan fillings

To prepare:

-Cook the vegan sausages and the bread following the pack instructions;

-Prepare all the vegetables;

-Assemble as you wish and Enjoy!

My meat-eater boyfriend LOVED it!


Tuck in!

Bursting with flavour…yummy!!

As an extra treat, I made rosemary and garlic fried potatoes to go with them…

Rosemary and garlic fried potatoes

If you want you can even use other types of bread such as ciabatta bread warmed up in the oven or even ordinary sliced bread for an extraordinary sarnie!

These Linda McCartney sausages are really nice, they have a really nice taste and texture, and are much healthier and have less fat (especially saturated) than ordinary pork sausages.

Linda McCartney Sausages

Linda McCartney was a photographer, musician and an animal rights activist who wrote several vegetarian cookbooks, including “Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking” and started her food company and married Paul McCartney in 1969. She lost her battle with cancer in 1998 but her legacy lives on.

She even appeared with Paul McCartney in a Simpsons episode!

Linda and Paul McCartney’s daughter Stella, is one of the most famous international fashion designers, but unlike the majority of designers she refuses to use leather or fur for her beautiful designs.

If you click on the link be prepared to know the awful truth about how animals suffer for this, and if it’s too hard to watch, keep listening to Stella’s message about how buying leather is directly contributing to the suffering of animals and how it is damaging the environment.

Have you ever tried vegetarian sausages?

Have you tried any of Linda McCartney’s vegetarian meals range?


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