Eco People: Penélope Cruz

Day 14 of my vegan challenge: 2 weeks have already gone by and I miss one my favourite meals ever: toast.

Toast with buttery spread and a cup of English breakfast tea with a dash of milk. I feel rather deprived without this warming tasty “meal” but I still feel like eating vegan food is oh-so-achievable and doable!


I studied Spanish for 8 years and one of the best ways to learn, keep up or improve a language is to watch films.

-I am currently following a very interesting Chinese film blog my friend D writes called Chinese Procrastination if you are interested.-

My favourite Spanish films are Pedro Almodóvar‘s films, and he has had a long-lasting friendship  and working collaboration with the beautiful Spanish actress Penélope Cruz.

Penélope Cruz – Image from Google Images

I once chatted to my friend D about how some directors get very close to actors, as we can see with Pedro and Penélope, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Di Caprio, Robert Rodriguez and Salma Hayek, Wes Anderson and Angelica Houston…can you think of more similar relationships?

Penélope and Pedro’s collaboration has progressed over the years, it started with the 1997 film “Carne Trémula” (Live Flesh), then 1999’s “Todo sobre mi madre” (All About My Mother), followed by the incredible 2006 film “Volver” which I absolutely love and finally 2009’s amazing “Los abrazos rotos” (Broken Embraces) which I highly recommend to everyone.

But Penélope isn’t only an extremely talented actress and the first Spanish actress in history to receive an Academy Award, she has also volunteered in countries such as Uganda and India and has become the face of a new Peta campaign against the use of fur in fashion.

Find out more about why Penélope gives fur the cold shoulder. She has also adopted and rescued dogs and cats that she sometimes takes to interviews.

Even Spanish retailer Mango, for which Penélope Cruz designed a collection with her sister,  has banned the use of exotic skins in its lines.

Give fur the cold shoulder – Image from Peta

With major retailers producing really nice faux fur coats and accessories like this, is there really a need to kill animals to skin them in  awful, cruel ways just for their fur?

What do you think of Penélope’s initiative?


Leave a comment, I would love to know what you think!

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