30-Day Vegan Pledge: Day 1

Today was my first day of my 30-day vegan pledge. I am very excited to see how it will go!

For breakfast I had porridge made with hot water and sprinkled with Linwoods flaxseed, almonds, Brazil nuts, walnuts and Q10 sprinkles! (apparently you can have Q10 on your porridge, not just in your face cream!) I had Chinese black lychee tea with it, no milk in sight!

Q10 Breakfast

Q10 Breakfast

I take vitamins and more importantly iron supplements as I often feel tired and I was anaemic even when I ate meat…let’s see if eating vegan food makes any difference!

I prepared everything to make a jacket potato with beans to have at work, so easy and warming during this harsh weather!

Lunch at work

Lunch at work

Jacket potatoes and beans don’t have to be boring, spice them up!

I added ground coriander, cumin, chili flakes and thyme to my baked beans and it all tasted lovely. I also took some lychee tea to work so I can have it with no milk. Plus nuts and rice cakes as snacks (but I got home reaaally hungry).

What do you think? Does trying a vegan diet mean sacrificing too many types of food you can’t do without?


Having “sustainable living” ways doesn’t just relate to what we eat, what about what we wear?

Even now that I have a job, I buy less than when I was a teenager. I try to look for things that are a bit different, unique, or that really channel my personality. I usually end up looking different… like a boy stuck in the 90s considering what I wore today (Miss Sixty flared corduroys anyone?) ….but I know I will get there someday haha!

My cool mum shared a really interesting link and about vintage clothing, after all buying second hand clothes is better for the environment as you are reusing something rather than create further demand for new goods… have a look!

I feel like I’d love to wear lots of vintage stuff but I find most vintage clothes hard to match with what I have or just so different that I’m not sure where to start…have you found any good vintage shops that you’d recommend?

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